CHICAGO—A man was shot and killed by officers from the Chicago Police Department after he allegedly lunged at officers with a knife. The incident occurred on Saturday, September 5 at around 1:40 a.m., as police officers were responding to a report of a person stabbed near 49th Street and Lavergne Avenue, the Chicago Sun Times first reported. According to police, the suspect was described as holding a “long, large butcher knife.”

In a public statement, officers from the Chicago Police Department said the suspect then proceeded to stab an officer through his bullet-proof vest, before officers used a stun gun on him. The suspect dropped to his knees, resembling a surrender, before lunging at a female sergeant. Officers then shot the man multiple times in self-defense, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Three officers were taken to a hospital for observation, according to police.

Chicago police spokesman Tom Ahern later tweeted a photo of the knife, which was recovered from the scene.

A picture of the knife the suspect used to stab police officers

The identities of the police, the victim or the suspect have not been released, and the incident still remains under investigation.