BERKELEY — On August 28, 2020, the new website, CareBubbles, launched to assist students, staff, and faculty members at UC Berkeley in finding childcare services. UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Work and Family and the Chancellor’s COVID-19 Dependent Care Working Group are working together to set up CareBubbles for anyone who has a CalNet account.

The statement explains:

“Berkeley CareBubbles is a new parent-to-parent resource to help UC Berkeley community members meet their child care needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Find other Cal families looking to trade childcare, share tutors, create social bubbles, and more. This new resource is available from the recently launched Caring for Families website and the campus coronavirus website.”

Students, staff, and faculty members can use their email address and username to log into the service. CareBubbles is based on Berkeley Parents Network linking the Bay Area families to find child care facilities. Users are able to post messages and see lists to trade resources about childcare and tutoring services. The website helps users find the best matches for learning assistance and nannies.

According to Associate Vice Provost Sharon Inkelas, CareBubbles has already recorded 350 members’ visit, 62 users’ registration, and 11 posts.

“We hope that the website will help students and employees to fill some of the gaps in their dependent care. We are hoping many more students, staff, and faculty will start using it in the next few weeks,” commented Inkelas.