SAN FRANCISCO—California Highway Patrol Officer K. Spears is recovering from minor injuries after an incident on Friday, April 27. The events unfolded on the eastbound I-80, as first reported by the SF Examiner. Officer Spears was dragged by a Jeep for over 1,000 feet on the freeway by the suspect who has been identified as Kristine Wade, 34, of Pittsburgh, California.

Wade was booked at the San Francisco County Jail where she is currently being held for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and felony driving under the influence causing bodily injury amongst other charges.

The incident transpired when Officer Spears stopped the red Jeep at 5:05 p.m., which contained Wade along with another adult rider and one child. Wade handed the officer a fraudulent identification, after which Spears asked Wade to step outside of the vehicle.

Wade initially complied, but attempted to get back into her car before the officer dismissed her, and began to accelerate rapidly. According to reports, Officer Spears remained partially inside of the car as it sped away, hanging outside the driver’s side door.

The Jeep went on for about a quarter mile, until Wade struck the tail-end of another car. Wade was arrested on the shoulder of the highway by several CHP San Francisco Officers that responded to the alert. Spears was brought to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment, but has since been released.

The child was handed over to Child Protective Services. The CHP reported that Wade had three outstanding warrants in Contra Costa County at the time of the incident.