UNITED STATES—There is something I have discovered in recent weeks, eating healthy is not easy, but if you commit you will see the benefits long term people. I have no problem admitting that caffeine used to be my kryptonite. I need it to function on days that I have a heavy workload, more so in the form of soda, not tea or coffee. However, I know that that excessive sugar is not healthy for the body, so I have eliminated it. At current, I have gone close to 2 months without any soda.

Has it been difficult? Yes, but it is important to point out the first week is the most difficult. Those cravings are there and they are not easy to ignore. However, you can place a glass, can or bottle of soda in front of me and I will think nothing of it today. The fact that I don’t want it or even crave it anymore is fascinating to me and my psyche America. The exciting element is I know it has impacted my overall health where I have lost about 15 pounds in less than a month and I’m certain I’m continuing to lose weight as a result of cutting out those calories and sugar and replacing them with water or milk, or low calorie drinks.

I’ve actually started drinking more water as of the past 2 months than I can remember and I’m happy that I have implemented it more considering our bodies are composed more than 70 percent of water to begin with people. It flushes the system, keeps you hydrated and is good for your overall physical, physiological and mental health.

That is not the only big change people because I have nearly cleared out sugar from my diet. No cookies, no cakes, no pies, no candy, no sweets and the scary thing is I don’t miss it a single bit America. One of my weaknesses used to be a piece of cake. I love a great piece of cake, but I cannot recall the last time I had a piece. I think Thanksgiving I had a small piece of carrot cake around Thanksgiving, but that had been the first time in nearly 6 to 8 months people.

Sugar as we all know is not good for the body, but it is in nearly almost everything that you eat, but you have to decide if you want your health to be at risk because you’ve consumed too much sugar in a given day or thru a period of time. A little bit here and there is ok, but excessive consumption not good. Just think about a bottle of soda, the amount of grams of sugar whew if you only knew you would think twice about that. At the same time, with curbing bad things from your diet, you find yourself exercising more and just keeping your health as a top priority.

Walking more, biking more, hitting the gym, weight training and so much more, when you start to take care of your health, you start to be healthy more overall people. The thing is once you commit, it just becomes easier with each day. The difficult part is getting started, but once you get things moving it is not necessarily smooth sailing all the time, but each day gets easier and easier the more disciplined you become.