UNITED STATES—I was glued to the TV screen last week, I mean virtually glued and I was not able to pull myself away from the TV. The moment I pulled myself away I was eagerly anxious to find out what was transpiring. I’m referring to the hearings on Capitol Hill involving Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. To be honest I don’t recall watching anything this gripping on television in years, especially in the political arena. It was like I was watching a movie, only this was no movie, it was real life and I was baffled, speechless and stunned at times with what I was witnessing.

First, taking the stand was Dr. Ford who recounted the alleged incident that transpired when she was 15. The detail she described was vivid; it painted a picture and I almost felt as if I was in the room as this alleged incident occurred. I have to continue to utilize the word ‘alleged’ because no solid proof has been provided to corroborate the incident. That is of massive importance because you cannot convict someone of a crime in the eyes of the justice system without having proof beyond a reasonable doubt that something did indeed occur.

The stark reality of the situation is I believed every single word that came out of the mouth of Dr. Ford. She was beyond credible as a witness and just hearing her story my heart broke. Here is the flip side; Kavanaugh now takes the stand to argue his side. The guy is just as compelling! I believe everything that is coming out of his mouth, so I don’t know what to think at this point. Both sound like very credible witnesses. I do wish Kavanaugh would have kept his composure a bit more during the hearing, but how would you react if you were being accused of a crime that you vehemently denied ever transpired?

You would want your character to be restored to justice, but in Kavanaugh’s case as he cited, his life will NEVER BE THE SAME. How people perceive him will never be the same, and that is dangerous in this country. We cannot be quick to judge someone as being guilty of a crime without knowing 100 percent that the person committed that actual crime. I really want to talk about the behavior of our politicians because that is where I am most baffled. I mean both Republicans and Democrats showed off their a** in a way that I never thought was possible. It was a damn circus, and as an American I was appalled by what I witnessed.

Where was the professionalism? Where was the respect between colleagues? This was a farce, and I don’t know who to believe, but at this point the circus has already played out on national TV. The world was watching, the world witnessed how we conducted ourselves and it was an absolute embarrassment to say the least. The yelling, the finger pointing, the chastising, the interrupting, gosh, I can go on and on and on, it was just an utter mess, but so damn compelling I could not stop watching.

We keep talking day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year about bipartisan politics, but I give up at this point; it will never happen, because people are too immersed in their feelings. There seems to be no compromise or willingness to see the perspective of others and to come to a reasonable solution. This is not only tied to the issue of appointing members to the Supreme Court, but to any political office. The American government proved they are no better than a bunch of 5 year-olds last week; it was beyond a sad, sad day in American politics if you ask me.