SAN FRANCISCO—Paneez Kosarian is holding San Francisco Mayor London Breed accountable for Kosarian’s attack inside her condo’s lobby which occurred last month. The incident has broached criticism towards the city of San Francisco’s management concerning the mentally ill homeless.

Kosarian tweeted on Wednesday, September 4:

“In other words, Breed is responsible for my attack and many other’s and need to be held accountable. We never know how good our leaders are until we are in a time of crisis, especially this big and dangerous. @LondonBreed She is unable to keep us safe.”

Mayor Breed addressed the issue stating:

“What I see is something that I’ve never seen in my lifetime of growing up in the city,” said Breed in the city’s South of Market neighborhood. “People who are in serious, serious crisis, serious need. It is not humane to continue to allow this to occur on our streets.”

Mayor Breed concluded with the progress continuously improving despite the issue of mentally ill individuals remaining on the streets. No specific solutions have been disclosed to tackle the issues. Reforms are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.