SAN FRANCISCO—A Southern California couple, who were in the San Francisco area for vacation, lost their one-year-old cat during a smash-and-grab robbery. Reports of smash-and-grab robberies have been growing in the San Francisco area. 

On December 20, 2021, the couple parked their car in a parking lot on Lombard Street. Their intention was to go shopping. Before leaving their vehicle, the couple placed their cat named ‘Minnelusa’ into a ventilated backpack to keep her warm. A blanket was also placed over the backpack to hide the cat. 

When the two came back to the parking lot they found that one of the windows of their car was shattered. As they approached their vehicle they discovered that the backpack which contained Minnelusa was gone. 

Shortly afterward the couple filed a police report and distributed over 200 filers in an attempt to find their cat. They also checked various animal shelters to see if the cat was turned in all to no avail. Minnelusa is not chipped. 

A cash reward is being offered for Minnelusa’s return. She was last seen wearing a green sweater and a harness. If you have any information regarding this case please contact Cesar Granados at:  ce*************@gm***.com or call 310-997-7497