SAN FRANCISCO — On Tuesday night March 9 San Francisco resident John Morgan saw a coyote roaming the streets close to Marina Green in San Francisco. In an interview with KRON Morgan stated, “I’m new to the city and was pretty shocked to see such wildlife roaming near the park. Coyote sightings are very common in the Bay Area. Residents should be vigilant after recent attacks. 

 Coyotes, also known as the North American Song Dog, have been known to live in the Bay Area including San Francisco since the 1900s according to San Francisco Environment.

An influx of bait poison was used to keep wildlife out of Bay Area farms which resulted in many animals, including coyotes, becoming scarce around the areas. Coyotes are important components of the city’s local ecosystem. They have a positive impact on the ecosystem by benefitting ecological integrity and species diversity. Below are some helpful tips to coexist with coyotes: 

  •  Pick up or try to reduce the amount of fallen fruit in your yard.  
  • Feed pets inside 
  • Don’t leave dog or cat water bowls outside. 
  • Be alert during pupping season (between April and August) 
  • Do not feed coyotes. 
  • Install motion-sensitive lighting near your home. 
  • If followed by a coyote, make loud noises and, if that fails, throw rocks in its direction.