SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, May 7, near City College on Phelan Avenue, San Francisco State University lecturer and bicycle safety activist, Anthony Ryan, was violently pursued by a vehicle while he was riding home on his bicycle.

Without any supposed provocation, a driver of a two-door white Honda approached Ryan from behind and began several attempts to knock him off his bike. The driver honked and opened his door in an act to hit Ryan; surprised, the cyclist attempted to flee, crossing the street, but the driver continued to follow him.
Seen by a video filmed by a bystander, the final escalation of the incident ended with the driver shifting into reverse and trying to run Ryan over. With nowhere to go, Ryan intentionally crashed his bicycle between two parked cars and escaped by foot from the aggressive drivers, who sped off.
According to Ryan, several people stopped to help as they witnessed the incident. City College Police also came to the scene and filed a report. The cyclist accrued only small scrapes and bruises, but is hoping to press charges against the driver of the white Honda.