HOLLYWOOD—I seriously thought we would be waiting for another six months before the truth about Jake Doe aka Jason Morgan came to fruition, but May sweeps kicked off in an epic way this week. For weeks it has been known that Nikolas Cassadine is aware of the true identity of Jake Doe, but kept it to himself in his mission to take over ELQ.

Well the prince decided to drop a bombshell on his former flame Elizabeth, who has had a Nurses Ball full of surprises. First, her on again off again lover Ric decided to propose to her, but not before Carly dropped the bomb on the entire audience that he was back to his scheming and hired Hayden to portray Jake’s fake wife. Yep, Carly finally got payback on the guy who was responsible for keeping her locked in a panic room for weeks. Can’t say I blame her, but she may have reignited a torch for Ric who will be out for blood; the guy can be quite devious to say the least.

Reeling from that news, Elizabeth was comforted by Nikolas, but as she decided to pursue a relationship with Jake, she learned that his true identity was her former lover and friend Jason! Yep, Elizabeth’s world has been rocked. Will she tell what she knows or will she keep it a secret? It’s no easy bomb to drop, I mean Sam has moved onto Patrick, and looks to have put the past behind her, but this blows everything out of the water if it’s revealed. It will happen; it’s a question of how soon.

Complicating things even further is the rumor that a particular doctor, um, Robin Scorpio-Drake could be headed back to Port Charles. I must say this woman knows how to put her former husband Patrick on an emotional rollercoaster.

If the drama of the Nurses Ball isn’t enough, the show is heating up a mob war where it looks like both Duke and Jordan could find themselves exiting the canvas. I’m certain one of them will bite it, but soaps are notorious for knocking off a major player or two during sweeps, especially when its least expected. Rumor has it Duke could be on his way out, and it could be at the hands of his former lover Anna Devane to protect her cohort Jordan, whose cover may finally be blown.

Things will only be further complicated for the mob players, since Sam overheard that Julian is the father of Olivia’s baby, but will she spill the beans to her dear ole dad and mom? She might be conflicted, but I have a feeling that the truth will be revealed with shocking consequences. By now the audience is almost certain it was Silas who took baby Avery to garner her bone marrow to help her mother Ava survive certain death.

Michael has been on a tirade lately, so wouldn’t it be justice to see Ava waltz into town to reclaim custody of the daughter that she barely bonded with? Oh, the look on the face on the rotten one would be priceless, he has been a bit of an a** lately. The bond between Dante and Valerie has been heating up, which is a sign that Port Charles’ moral cop will give into temptation. Wonder how his wife Lulu will react to things? She can already see the sparks between her cousin and her hubby, but will that unleash that Spencer dark side we’ve been waiting to see, one can only hope.

The biggest surprise moving forward is the secret that bonds Nikolas and Elizabeth: they’re not planning to reveal Jake’s identity! Must say, seeing Liz move to the dark side to get what she wants is an interesting development to say the least. With live episodes set to air on May 15 and May 18, it looks like a wedding is in place, and its one that will be shocking to say the least. May sweeps is full of surprises “GH” fans. “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.