UNITED STATES—I was absolutely stunned, disappointed and just horrified at the first presidential debate between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump this week. I mean within the first 30 minutes I already wanted to tune out of the debate because I could not believe what I was watching. Look, I debated in high school, I was on the debate team, there is a way to handle yourself where you’re not looking like lunatics on the main stage, let alone the entire country.

Seeing Chris Wallace, who was the moderator, do everything and I mean everything in his power, short of cutting off both of their mics because of the constant interrupting between both Trump and Biden; it was just so unprofessional and just absolute lunacy in my opinion America. I don’t think I was more annoyed or disappointed watching a debate in my life. It was a train wreck and uncomfortable as a viewer to watch. Heck multiple times during the debate I just changed the station, because the level of civility and respect just wasn’t there from either candidate.

A debate is to be a healthy discussion. It is an opportunity for one side to present his or her argument and convince the opposing side why their argument is stronger or present any evidence or facts to refute claims being made. Watching that debate did not change my mind about either candidate, and I’m someone who has no idea who I will cast my ballot for in November, if anything, I wish there was a third candidate in the mix so I could hear their thoughts about issues put on the table, where it almost felt as if I couldn’t get a decent answer from either on where they stood on several major issues.

I wanted to hear healthy discussions about X, Y and Z and ways to solve the solution instead of mudslinging or barbs being traded. Look, I get that happens in a debate, but I’m not watching a debate to witness people talk about other people. That is not what a debate does and that is what the audience got on Tuesday. I’ve heard from Republicans and Democrats who were both appalled by Tuesday’s debate and how there was no clear victor; it was an embarrassment for our country.

It makes me wonder, why do we even have political parties? That alone creates the division we have in this country. Either you’re for Democrats or you’re for Republicans. You cannot support both without riling up the other. Why can’t we rid this country of the notion of Republicans and Democrats completely; don’t be aligned to a particular party, just simply do what is best for you and your family.

People are starting to question if there will even be a second or third debate after the disaster that occurred earlier this week. It would be a shame if that were the case because the first debate didn’t give the public anything, especially those who are still in the middle and not sure who they want to cast their ballot for in a few weeks. Heck it’s nearly less than a month from now before a decision has to be made.

Tuesday’s debate did not sway any voters if you’re asking me it irked them and that is a terrible thing to do because instead of getting people to the polls to vote, you might have forced some people to just say, “You know what, I’m not going to vote at all because I hate both candidates.” That would be sad if that were to transpire, but I’m already hearing a few people make that argument and that is disappointing to say the least.

Written By Jason Jones