HOLLYWOOD—This war for Chancellor-Winters is totally ramping up on “The Young and the Restless.” I will admit at first I didn’t care as much as a viewer, but the intensity of the infighting between Billy, Lily and Devon has reached a fever pitch. For starters, Jill Abbott dropped the first bomb by giving Billy all of her power as she stepped away from the company, Chancellor-Winters.

Billy gloated, while Devon and Lily licked their wounds. It was a betrayal they did not see coming at all. However, Devon and Lily decided to strike back by trying to boot Jill from her power position, taking Billy with her in the process. That didn’t work as Devon and Lily planned for Abby to vote with them, instead she aligned with Jill and Billy. Yes, that betrayal stung for Devon who realized that Abby doesn’t have blind loyalty to him despite them being a couple. Very interesting move by Abby which makes me wonder if there is trouble in paradise between Devon and Abby.

Lily is softening a slight bit with Daniel, in regards to Omegasphere and his contribution to the company. I said it before and I will say it again: Lily was being petty, but she had every right. If Daniel knew he was drifting towards Heather, he should have just ended things, instead of giving her false hope. Making the situation only worse is that Phyllis is now entangled in the mix.

Instead of being fired from Chancellor-Winters, she chose to quit. Phyllis is her own worst enemy as she planned to go on the attack and perhaps cause unwanted drama at Chancellor-Winters. Nick was able to talk her out of making a move that would come back to bite her in the butt, at least for now. I mean Danny and Cricket are happy, and we all know that only boils Phyllis’ blood that much more.

Devon decided he needed Billy out and went to the one person he never expected: Tucker McCall. Tucker was giddy at the idea of being able to make amends with his son by helping him with a dicey situation. As a result, Devon realized Tucker might do something that had his fingerprints all over, however, it was already too late. The wheels were churning, and Tucker was determined to get intel and do what he needs to help his son oust Billy Abbott from Chancellor-Winters.

So much to the point, that he cancelled his trip to Paris with Audra yet again, causing her to fume. This time it feels like it is for good, as Audra shared dinner and a nightcap with Nate that Tucker was not pleased to witness. Nate and Audra are sizzling with chemistry and the writers have tempted the notion, but we might finally be headed in that direction, which I hope is true.

It seems Chelsea and Adam are bonding more and more as they deal with Connor’s OCD diagnosis. Do I want to see these two together? Not quite because it leaves Sally Spectra out in the cold, but Sally hasn’t been utilized much by the writer’s anyway as of late.

Kyle is stressing Summer and Diane. When it comes to Summer, he wants to bring on Claire as Harrison’s nanny, but Summer is concerned about her son’s safety. Oh, Summer just say it already, you’re jealous. Claire has a bond with your son that not even you have, and you need to get over it because Harrison wants this. Diane and Kyle are having issues at Jabot because Diane has become such a power player that Kyle is trying to undermine his mother’s business dealings which she did not like one bit.

One big thing worth discussing is Victor’s plan to keep Jordan hidden without anyone finding out is starting to unravel. Jordan is literally groveling for Victor to offer her some sort of deal beyond the hell she is enduring. I truly loved the Brussel Sprouts bit from Victor. Cole is catching onto that Victor might be up to no good. How so? He has questioned there NOT being a body after that chase. Cole suspects Victor is hiding something big, which Nick has co-signed and based on the hints, Cole is going to discover his Aunt Jordan and everyone’s worst nightmare might become a reality yet again.

To the writers, come on already, Traci and Jack cannot be that oblivious to what is going on with Ashley. You all know she is mentally suffering. It is time to contain her and get her the serious help she needs before ‘Ms. Abbott’ does something that has ripple effects that cannot be undone.