HOLLYWOOD—Fans of “The Bold and the Beautiful” knew it was inevitable. I mean Sheila Carter is ‘BACK FROM THE DEAD’ and Deacon and Finn cannot be more ecstatic. Sheila’s return is causing more chaos in Los Angeles especially since Deacon popped the question. Yes, that is right “B&B” fanatics, Sheila Carter and Deacon Sharpe are about to walk down the aisle. The only problem is they’re hoping their kids, Finn and Hope would be part of the ceremony.

Yeah, it threw me for a loop when Deacon asked Hope to be Sheila’s maid of honor, and Finn to be his best man. I can see Hope attending the wedding out of obligation to her father, but Finn is conflicted as Steffy is Steffy. This woman just lives on a pedestal, and everyone has to follow her rules or else. It can be exhausting to be married to someone like this.

Look, I totally get it, Sheila ‘murdered’ Finn and tried to kill Steffy as well. That is unforgiveable. The issue is Sheila is not going anywhere. She plans to be in Los Angeles and has no plans to vacate town. She wants Finn to be part of her life and Finn has cracked that door to a degree that has given Sheila hope and that is all it takes for this woman.

Steffy has told Finn he has to sever ties with this woman yet again, Finn has heard it, but he does have a new bug in his ear, Hope. Yes, Hope and Finn are building a relationship, one that I suspected months ago, but with Liam whining per usual, it is obvious. The writers are planning to reunite Steffy and Liam (oh, great) and Finn and Hope are going to hook-up at some point.

To be honest I want to see Hope and Finn sizzle, as it would be cosmic karma for Steffy and Liam cheating on their respective lovers some time back after Thomas drugged Liam’s drink (without him knowing by the way). Can you imagine Thomas coming back to town and learning Hope has moved on from him with his sister’s husband? He wouldn’t be pleased and it would cause all sorts of chaos. Chaos. that I want to see as a viewer.

However, I cannot understand the writers. Ivy Forrester is back in town, but they haven’t done anything with the character since her first interaction with Liam and Steffy. I want Ivy to get her hooks into Liam and sway him from constantly going to Steffy with problems that don’t even concern him to say the least people. Jeez, Liam is such a petulant brat sometimes.

Well, that was short-lived, in a twist that was predictable, but would have been exciting dissipated as soon as it manifested, regarding Luna. Luna was worried sick she might be pregnant, but after a pregnancy test, that is not the case. Zende found himself scolded by Brooke for hurting her son, oh, Brooke stop it already because Zende didn’t do anything worse than your sins of the past, which are plenty.

Zende shouldn’t have done it, but Poppy shouldn’t have allowed her daughter to indulge in her special mints, and Poppy had to be scolded by Brooke also. When did Brooke Logan become the moral compass of “The Bold and the Beautiful”? Oh, that’s right she isn’t, but the writers don’t have anything for her to do so she’s sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

The writers are trying their best to get the viewers to care about this Luna, RJ and Zende love triangle, but there is no spark or intrigue there. The actors just don’t have the chemistry for the viewers to be invested in what is taking place. At this point, “The Bold and the Beautiful” has become the Sheila, Deacon, Steffy, Finn and Hope show. Sheila has proclaimed that she is a changed woman, but the audience is just waiting for the other shoe to drop before we can say, “Ah ha, I knew that was going to happen”.