HOLLYWOOD—Ok, I’m just going to say it, I’m getting a bit bored with the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” Why? It seems like we constantly see the same recycled material and it gets stale after quite some time. With that said, we are back to a Newman war with Adam and Chelsea planning to take down Victor Newman. Here’s what I do not understand, what is Adam’s gripe with Victor. As a father, he did what he did to protect his son. What don’t you understand about that Adam? You murdered a man, who was trying to hurt your mother and you were defending her.

Yes, it might explain a bit about your devious behavior, but it is what it is, but Adam you are an adult. If you do bad things you have to take some accountability for your actions. Just when the audience begins to like Adam and Chelsea, they do something that makes you annoyed once again. They are not just going after Victor and the entire Newman clan; you can place Nikki and Victoria in that mix, but also Billy and Alyssa. I thought this was an interesting development of Alyssa coming to Billy to help take down Adam.

Look, I totally get Billy’s reasoning for wanting to take Adam out. Adam murdered his daughter and then covered it up and got away with it. He never paid for his sins and for Billy to just have to swallow that loss and live in the same town in this guy is just unbelievable. As a result Billy and Alyssa have been working behind the scenes to expose Adam’s role in her father’s murder. Alyssa is not happy with her former childhood pal, and Billy has always wanted to stick it to Adam and he might get his shot.

Too bad those two are unaware that Chelsea planted a bug in hopes of finding out what Alyssa and Adam are up to. I wonder what backfire will be headed in Chelsea’s way when her latest stunt is exposed. That is the thing about Chelsea; she is no saint people. This chaos will bring attention to Chance who is concerned about the truth about what happened in Las Vegas with Adam coming to the light and causing more friction for Adam and Chance himself.

In other Genoa City news, we already talked about this, but Amanda and Hilary were twins. It took Amanda by surprise (really)? It has caused major repercussions in Devon’s relationship with Elena who is a bit jealous and worried about the state of her relationship. With that said, I think the writers are slowly, but surely pushing Devon and Amanda together. I mean it’s no secret the actors had a great chemistry together, and Devon and Elena are cut, but come on it was never going to last forever and the same applies with Nate and Amanda. I mean Amanda is already crying on Billy’s shoulder as she needs someone to talk to. You’d think she would go to Nate, but no people.

Theo was kicked to the door by Lola who thinks he’s not the guy she hoped for him to be. I mean Theo was always a creeper and after he was caught being bamboozled by Chelsea, Lola had seen enough. So is it safe to say Theo and Lola will be soon exiting GC? It is starting to look like that America. With that said, Kyle and Summer seems to be taking the next step with their relationship by getting engaged, but not fully announcing it to Victor, Nick and Phyllis who are all worried that Kyle is not all in on the relationship as he has claimed to be. Time will tell if this relationship has legs.