HOLLYWOOD—Things are starting to get very interesting on the ABC soap “General Hospital” people! I mean I knew the Peter August storyline would culminate at some point, but it looks like it might be happening a lot sooner than later America. For starters, Robert and Olivia (I must admit I like this pairing) jetted to Monte Carlo after Robert receiving that call from a woman who deftly sounded like Holly.

So in Monte Carlo, Robert came across a very familiar face in Nathan, Holly and Luke Spencer’s son. Yeah, I was surprised to see Nathan Parsons back on the show in this storyline arc. I must say “GH” has the ability to keep things under wraps and they do an exceptional job in the process. Nathan was also looking for Holly, so it’s apparent that two heads are better than one and the search for Holly is only intensifying. With that said Nathan and Robert have not yet got confirmation that Holly is alive, but the audience sure did. How so?

We saw Holly trapped in some room, with what appeared to be a man’s hand controlling her captivity. So the question of the hour now becomes WHO is holding Holly captive. Start placing your thinking caps on people because there could be plenty of people. However, if we’re being honest, the only person that sounds like a certainty is Cesar Faison. Now listen to me a second as I lay out the groundwork people. First, we have Alex suddenly call Anna out of the blue wanting to turn over a new leaf, then we have this mission transpire for Robert to hunt for the truth about Holly, only to discover more is transpiring behind the scenes, Nathan is back in the mix and now we have Winston Rudge who I’m certain I’ve seen that face before in the past.

All these things lining up is no coincidence. Also we have the news of Maxie and Peter expecting, what better way to place the nail in the coffin: a wedding. A wedding, I’m certain is in the future and with Spinelli aware that Peter was involved with Shiloh and Drew and not entangling Valentin into the mix will create the explosion that has ripple effects that will be felt across all of Port Charles people. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I love and I mean love to see a character who has done all things dirty receive his or her comeuppance in epic fashion and looks like Peter is in the crosshairs of losing EVERYTHING he has worked so hard for.

In other sad news, Mike Corbin has finally lost his battle with Alzheimer’s. It was a devastating lost for many in PC, especially for Mike who was loved by so many people. Mike Gail has been fantastic in the role and seeing Sonny, Carly, Michael, Willow, Brooke Lynn and so many others grieve

Jordan is an idiot if she thinks that Curtis buys that Cyrus had no role in the death of Neil Burn and we know Cyrus was not involved, but it raised even bigger flag: who would want Neil dead and why? Raising another flag about Cyrus wanting whoever he is aligned with to dig for the truth, but he has a huge interest in Laura Spencer that I cannot seem to peg at all. Cyrus is that type of villain that is a threatening presence without having to push his muscle to show it. One never knows what he is up to until it’s too late, so it will indeed be interesting to see where things go here.

Also making the rounds is Elizabeth getting ready to throw away another relationship by cheating, only this time she is not the only party involved. Elizabeth shared a kiss with Nikolas during a vulnerable moment and in return, Ava was caught sharing a smooch with Franco. You might say WHY is this important? Well someone was obviously watching both couples and snapped pictures, so I expect a blackmail storyline to kickoff real soon. In the midst of this chaos, Avery of all people found Nelle’s half of that necklace while in the woods that she took home with her.

So all seems to be lining up with the big reveal that Nelle is indeed Nina’s long-lost daughter and it looks like Carly will be the first person to discover it. However, the question becomes what will Carly do with this information when it comes to light? Seems like it’s playing into the notion that the idea of Nelle being dead is not the case or perhaps she REALLY is with that news that Jason dropped mid-week. So what is going on here, is Nelle actually dead or is she not really Nina’s child as we expected?  The truth comes out it’s going to explode in epic fashion and fans have been patiently waiting for this reveal (years to be exact).