HOLLYWOOD—Talk about making ‘Red’ livid on “The Young and the Restless.” If you don’t know who I’m referring to, I’m talking about Phyllis. When she learns that her foe Diane planted her lips on her one true love, Jack Abbott, things are going to explode people and not for the better. Jack has been slowly, but surely letting his guard down with Diane and now, that she has locked lips with her former foe this will change everything people.

Well not so fast people, that kiss was all a dream! However, the fact that Jack is thinking about kissing Diane cannot be a good thing. This plan that Ashley, Phyllis and Nikki has to take out Diane better move a lot faster because time is running out. I never expected Jack to want to rekindle a relationship with Diane of all people, but the fact of the matter is that these two are getting closer and it’s a direct result of Phyllis allowing Diane to get under her skin.

Nikki is utilizing a reporter from Los Angeles to expose Diane’s dirty little secrets, and Kyle and Summer are worried as it appears the pairing of Nikki and Phyllis has them on high alert people. You all are right to be concerned because plans are being made behind the scenes that you are not privy to at all. Tessa looks like she is about to become the newest face of Marchetti now that her singing career could be in jeopardy. She was apprehensive at first, but she’s considering all her options now people.

This is not the only family infighting people because Nate and Devon are going at it. Devon does have a bit of an again, but at the same time so does Nate. Nate is used to being his own boss, but he no longer has that luxury in the family business. One that has been run for years by Devon and the guy knows what he is doing people. Lily is chiming in here and there, but I don’t think she realizes she is adding fuel to the fire by dancing between her brother and her cousin.

Hell, even Elena realizes that Nate is not aware of how he is being toyed by Imani who ‘scheduled’ a business meeting for Elena’s contract that Sally had no knowledge about. Elena called her lover out on it and he immediately became defensive. It became quite clear to Elena that Imani is a major threat, but even worse, Nate doesn’t see what she’s up to and it’s causing a divide in his relationship.

Staying on the topic about of family, Billy and Chelsea are at odds about informing Johnny that Connor is actually his brother. I totally forgot that Johnny is Chelsea’s biological son and has been distant from him all this years, allowing Billy and Victoria to raise him. Billy was not pleased with the notion, nor was Victoria who keeps whining about her kids dealing with Ashland Locke’s death. Girl, your kids barely knew Ashland, they are not missing him even though that is the tale you continue to weave time and time again.

Speaking of the Newman family, Chance and Kevin have the evidence that proves Ashland Locke’s body was moved and danced around the issue for nearly a week if not longer before Chance ultimately decided to no longer pursue the case because of the family dynamic it causes. More importantly he was threatened by Victor, how it would impact Abby. Chance come on already dude, you’re letting Victor get away with covering up a crime. Yeah, it was self-defense, but the moment Victor decided to move the body and stage it as an accident a crime was committed and he should be held accountable for it.

This is the problem with the Newman clan; no one pays for their crimes. Nick committed murder and now he’s just going to skate free as a result. Adam is already angling to get that edge on what Victor (his father) has been up to use that information to deliver a blow to this father, his siblings and the family yet again. Why? Adam was screwed over for Victoria, and I’ll be honest I’m on Adam’s side here people because Victor constantly does him dirty time and time again. At some point, Victor has to realize when you make one child the family pariah, that label is going to strike and when it does it is going to hurt.