SAN FRANCISCO—On Tuesday, August 11, the San Francisco Medical Examiner ruled that the dismembered body of Omar Shahwan, 58, was a homicide.

Some of Shahwan’s body parts were found in a suitcase on January 28 near a Goodwill store on 11th and Mission Street. Shahwan’s left foot and leg were found in a nearby trashcan, both still attached, but the head, arms, and hands are still reportedly missing.

There was no teeth to match dental records and no fingerprints, so authorities used DNA to determine  the identity of the body. There was a breakthrough in the case when authorities found video surveillance of a man in possession of the suitcase where Shahwan’s remains were discovered. Through an anonymous tip the suspect in the video was identified as 59-year-old Mark Jeffrey Andrus, a friend of Shahwan.

Andrus was arrested on January 30, but was soon released because authorities did not have enough sufficient evidence to hold him. At the time, Shahwan’s death had not been ruled a homicide. Authorities contacted relatives of Andrus, who said that he had had several problems with the law in the past and had been arrested for burglary and drug possession.

Days after Andrus’ release from police custody he was rushed to the hospital, but died after going into septic shock; it was determined that Andrus’ death was drug-related. 

Shahwan’s murder is still under investigation by authorities.