SAN FRANCISCO—After more than a year and $8 million worth of construction, the northern half of Dolores Park re-opened to the public on June 18, debuting 6-acres of fresh turf.

Scott Weiner, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, stated on his website that, “after years of being loved to death,” Dolores Park’s improved facilities include, “new restrooms with expanded capacity, renovated tennis courts and basketball courts, improved dog play areas, new pathways, better ADA access and better irrigation.” This was all made possible thanks to the 2008 Clean and Safe neighborhood Parks Bond.

According to, “on a busy weekend users of Dolores Park generate up to 7,000 gallons of trash.” In an effort to help keep the renovated park clean, SF Rec and Park, in association with Recology, launched a pilot-project called the Eco Pop-Up that encourages park-goers to abide appropriate recycling and compost measures.

In addition to these eco-friendly enhancements, mentions, “new trash cans (to be deployed on June 18)” around facilities and the perimeter of the park.

Dolores Park Works responded on Twitter ensuring that additional reuse bins were placed outside the park and that more cans are on the way. Citizens of San Francisco are asking to help keep the park clean by pledging to Love Dolores.

The other half of the park has already been closed to undergo its $12 million-share in the $20 million restoration project. It is expected to open early 2016.

Love Dolores