SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, March 17, the San Francisco Police Department arrested a suspect related to a stabbing and assault that transpired on March 15. The stabbing took place on Mission and 16 Street and involved a 64-year-old victim who suffered a wound on his cheek, and th assault with a 59-year-old victim. The suspect is now facing multiple charges in the incident.

Jorge Devis-Milton, 32, was seen on surveillance footage and matching descriptions provided by eyewitnesses. Investigators released a Crime Alerts Bulletin internally within the department after it was determined one suspect responsible for both incidents. Milton first stabbed an unnamed 64-year-old victim knocking him to the ground and fled tiwards the 16 Street Bart Station. 

Thirty minutes later, Milton was walking on the 600 block of Market street when he ran up to Danilo Yu Chang, and punched him in the head repeatedly until he lost consciousness on the ground. Milton  fled the scene and boarded a muni train. Authorities indicated there was no indication that this assault was racially targeted. 

On March 16, at 9:28 a.m., SFPD stationed at the 16 Bart Station noticed Milton matched the description of the suspect. After being detained and a subsequent investigation, Milton was taken into police custody. He is being charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Other Than Firearm, two counts of  Aggravated Assault Likely to Cause Great Bodily Injury and two counts of Battery Causing Serious Injury.