SAN FRANCISCO—Construction on Doyle Drive caused traffic delays on the Golden Gate Bridge as drivers were redirected around the closure areas.

On Saturday, July 11, drivers on Highways 1 and 101 experienced delays of up to an hour as construction crews poured cement and installed medians for the new Presidio Parkway, which will replace Doyle Drive.

The closure began on the evening of July 9, and is projected to continue until 5 a.m. on Monday, July 13.

According to the Presidio Parkway’s website, this construction is one of the final steps in the replacement project, which dates back to 2009, when Doyle Drive was declared “structurally and seismically deficient.” The Presidio Parkway will provide a safe and updated roadway, and will “create a spectacular regional gateway between the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the city of San Francisco.” After the weekend’s work is completed, traffic will be transferred to the permanent roadway.

Drivers are advised to avoid the closure areas, either by traveling through Oakland and bypassing the Golden Gate Bridge entirely, or by following the local detours.

Drivers on Saturday were redirected from Marina Boulevard to Lincoln Boulevard by way of Old Mason Street to access the Golden Gate Bridge.

Residents and visitors are also encouraged to use public transit to access the area. The Golden Gate Ferry will service Larkspur and Sousalito routes during the closure.

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority will not service the area during the closure. The 76X will remain out of service during the weekend, and the 28 and 91 routes will be redirected. More information on Muni service is available at the SFMTA’s website.

Local businesses will remain open during the closure.

More information on the weekend closure and the Presidio Parkway can be found at the project’s official website.