SAN FRANCISCO—The final flight for US Airways is scheduled to leave San Francisco on October 16 at 10 p.m. and land in Philadelphia roughly five hours later.

A separate flight departing from Phoenix is scheduled to arrive in Denver shortly before the final flight reaches Philadelphia.

The announcement was officially made by American Airlines on July 10. US Airways merged with American Airlines in December 2013.

After the two flights conclude, the US Airways website will be shut off and all airport kiosks and signs will be altered to say American Airlines. The US Airways logo will remain on the airplanes since they are not expected to be repainted until spring 2016.

Mary Leibman, American Airlines’ chief information officer, said in a statement to the media that “at that point on October 17, we’re going to be one airline for our customers.”

“We’ll have one website, one mobile app, one set of travel policies and elite benefits,” Leibman said.

In her statement, Leibman addressed concerns over possible delays, alluding to the problems that arose during the merging of United and Continental airlines in 2012. At one point, nearly all United flights were grounded and more than 1,000 were delayed as a result of issues relating to combining reservation systems.

Leibman said in the same statement that “there is no technology leader that could stand up and say with 100 percent certainty that nothing like this could ever happen to them.”

According to Leibman, American Airlines has hired about 1,900 airport and reservations agents and will give special training to nearly 10,000 current employees to make the transition to different reservation systems. US Airways currently uses a reservations system called Shares while American Airlines, a system provided by Sabre.

Since American Airlines and US Airways merged in 2013, American has become the biggest airline operator in the world based on passenger traffic, surpassing United Airlines.