SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department’s DUI Saturation Team arrested two unlicensed drivers who were under the influence on the night of July 4. The National Safety Council estimated 482 people may die on U.S. roads during the 2021 Independence Day holiday weekend.

The DUI Saturation Team made multiple traffic stops on July 4, one of which led to a notable arrest, the SFPD reported via Twitter. Officers stopped a vehicle that was traveling 88 mph in a 55 mph zone and discovered multiple violations.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers confirmed the driver was an unlicensed minor with a BAC of .066, according to the SFPD via Twitter. The driver was also in possession of 206 Xanax pills without a prescription and an open container of alcohol.

The driver of the vehicle and the passenger were arrested. The DUI Saturation Team made 22 traffic stops, issued 12 citations, conducted five field sobriety tests, two PAS tests, towed one vehicle, and arrested two unlicensed drivers.

Holidays traditionally are a time of travel and often are a cause for celebration with alcohol, according to the NSC. Car travel has the highest fatality rate of any form of transportation based on fatalities per passenger mile.

Rapid lifestyle and transpiration changes have increased uncertainty about fatality estimates during the 2021 Independence Day holiday. During the Independence Day holiday in 2019, 38 percent of fatalities involved alcohol impaired drivers. Independence Day has the highest record of alcohol related fatalities amongst any other holiday, according to the NSC.