SAN FRANCISCO—Edward Allen Gilbert passed away on July 19, 2020, at the age of 67. Reported cause of death is cancer.

Gilbert spent his youth in Europe before moving to the Bay Area in 1980. His friends in New York warned him about the West Coast suggesting that, “if there was a California Bohemia it produced weak poetry, clumsy craft and derivative painting.”

He spent the next 40 years in California. In a 2017 Brooklyn Rail article, he wrote that “for me the most surprising recent development…has been the marked international interest in San Francisco and the story of Bay Area culture.”

Gilbert was owner-director of Anglim Gilbert Gallery, formerly Gallery Paule Anglim, located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district. The gallery exhibits contemporary art from West Coast art movements including California Beat artists, Bay Area conceptualists, and experimental movements.

The gallery commemorates him stating, “Ed was a great supporter and mentor to artists – far beyond those represented by the gallery – and a much beloved leader in the Bay Area art community. We miss him dearly.”