Embassy Suite Altercation Goes Viral


ATLANTA, GA—On Tuesday, August 18, a guest and Embassy Suite front desk associate were involved in a confrontation inside the hotel lobby, where the video has now gone viral. The video starts with two women having a disagreement at the front desk regarding a bill.

The departing guest began yelling and stated, “I’m going to *expletive* you up, you need to get your manager because *expletive* you keep playing with me.”

In the next part of the video, the front desk associate started hitting the guest with a telephone, and removed the guest’s wig. The guest grabbed the telephone and charged at the front desk associate and bashed her with the telephone, and then the two began to brawl from the center of the lobby. The front desk associate ran behind the front desk and went into a room and did not allow the guest entry.

In a email sent to the San Francisco News, President and DG of Public Relations, Chris Daly stated:

“Partial video of the incident has surfaced online which does not show the entire event. As the full video shows, the departing guest assaulted unprovoked the front desk associate who then defended herself, going further to attempt to disengage from the guest multiple times.”

“Charges have since been filed by the associate with the Cobb County Police Department, and we encourage anyone with any additional information to contact them directly. We are pleased to report that our associate suffered only minor injuries, though she obviously is shaken. Please allow us to state emphatically that we do not condone this sort of activity in any way, shape or form. Violence is never the answer,” Daly added.

Based on Embassy Suites privacy protocols, Daly did not want to release the front desk associate’s or the departing guest’s name.