HOLLYWOOD—What can I say about Netflix. It’s one of those rare companies that has benefited from the global pandemic, which kept billions of people at home with nothing to do but stream. Since April, it has added an estimated 15 million subscribers, more than ever. Netflix had enough original content in the pipeline to survive during the lockdown.

One of the most interesting series is Netflix’s “Emily in Paris.” So, in case you never heard of it, the series is a comedy, romantic drama about, as you guessed it, a woman called Emily who moves to Paris. Emily played by Lily Collins is in her 20s and makes the move from Chicago to the French capital for a job in marketing. The show’s been heavily criticized for its idealized view of the city, according to its creator Darren Star.

The first episodes are targeted at the Moulin Rouge, rich women in couture, chain-smoking, wine for breakfast, men in expensive suits, tasty pastries and of course, a frown for American culture. Emily struggles to succeed in the workplace while searching for love and experiencing culture clash with her mundane Midwestern upbringing. It also stars Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat and Bruno Gouery.

“Emily in Paris,” since its first season has the internet exploding. The scenes of cosmopolitan Parisian life and culminating in the protagonist’s career in social media, this series is definitely the dream of many. At the start of the series, we see Emily’s account has just under 50 followers. As she uploads very casual photos accompanied by hashtags that don’t really tell us much, she then proceeds to become an influencer within months and is even invited to exclusive events.

The Instagram algorithm allows you to locate all types of publications only with hashtags. These must be as accurate as possible and must be directly related to your content. In the series we only see Emily putting any type of hashtag. There is no consistency between posts, therefore, you wouldn’t have as many impressions in real life. Let’s be real. Would a selfie of someone you don’t know eating a croissant have a lot of relevance on your feed?

If the answer is no, I think the point was made, however, one thing is for sure. We love to see what other people are doing, especially if it’s in romantic Paris. So if you are looking to grow on a social network platform like Instagram, it is important that you take your content planning seriously: what topic do you want to talk about? What topic do you want to be related to?

Another perspective is, if the photo description presented Emily, in the best places to eat a croissant in Paris or tips to take the perfect selfie. Instagram works with an algorithm, for that matter so does YouTube and this benefits those who create content that makes users stay in the app as long as possible. Having great photos, interesting descriptions, including the location of the photo and constantly uploading stories are some of the things you can do to grow your profile little by little.

So how do you go from 50 followers to 10,000 in less than a year? Interesting, question. You have to have been in an Oscar-nominated movie or have a life that is extraordinary for this to happen, or be someone like that. And not even ensures that your profile grows in this way. The other is to invest a lot of money. Take advantage of all the platform’s tools such as Instagram TV or Reels.

In this way, you can generate more impressions which can be reflected in a greater number of followers. Encourage the community to interact with you and each other. This can be done by polling your stories as asking them to leave a comment on your posts. Don’t over post. The series is a great example of what we can make a wonderful publication of everyday moments. Definitely, entertaining series!

Rose’s Scoop: As of press time, we still don’t have a new President of the United States of America after the November 3 election.