HOLLYWOOD—I knew it, I mean the moment that Emma’s character returned to “The Bold and the Beautiful” I sensed something sinister in play. Now I will admit I thought Xander might be the character to bite the dust, after he learned about the Beth bombshell. I mean he has been more a focal point of the story in recent weeks and his demise would have really kicked the narrative off in a big way. So Emma stumbled upon a conversation between Zoe and Xander and learned that Hope’s baby is alive. Look, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with these people constantly chatting about a game-changing secret like this. Emma was livid and read the riot act to her former flame his new flame.

Emma was livid and I was rooting for it because at long last, we got some traction and the thought of Hope learning the truth would come to light. Remember this is the soap world, we can’t have good things. Zoe flipping out at the prospect of going to jail and wanting to protect her father, immediately called Thomas and informed him of the news. Hmm, inadvertently, Zoe sealed Emma’s fate. We’ll talk more about this later. Thomas was enraged and has not been acting like himself lately, which Brooke immediately sensed earlier in the week.

Brooke raised her concerns with Ridge who dismissed them, and fans of the soap are well aware Thomas has a history of issues. Emma went searching for Hope, but instead found Pam and Thomas. Emma connected the dots and realized that Thomas knew about the Beth baby swap and he tried to justify his actions. Emma wasn’t having it and Thomas made threats, but Pam interrupted a tense scene that allowed Emma to escape.

This is when you sometimes want to scream at your TV, because instead of CALLING Hope, Emma got in her car and headed towards Hope’s home. Too bad Thomas was tailing her and he tailed her to a degree that caused Emma to lose control, and crashed her car into a ditch. Thomas had a sinister look on his face and it looked like Emma took her last breath. So Emma died trying to tell the truth, and this should be a major sign to Zoe, Flo and Xander that Thomas is dangerous and probably led Emma to her grave.

This will indeed cause raptures in Xander and Zoe’s relationship, as Xander will absolutely blame himself for this outcome. Not only that when he learned of Emma’s death, he immediately suspected Thomas of being responsible, as did Flo. Yes, this death is about to eat the three of them alive because they know keeping the secret lead to someone’s demise. Justin was an emotional mess, which Bill proved for once to be there for his close confidant. Brooke on the other hand voice her concerns about Thomas to her former flame, who acknowledged it, but did seem upset that his son and Steffy are reuniting their family.

Emma’s death stunned Hope, the Logans, Forresters, Spectras and Spencers families and cue the mystery. Pam divulged spotting Thomas and Emma in a heated moment, and Thomas not acting himself, which led to Brooke chatting with Pam of all people and her Spidey sense was heightened even more. Why do I suspect in the near future Brooke will discover the baby bombshell and might become a potential victim or prisoner of Thomas’ in his quest to prevent the truth from coming to light?

I really hope so because this could set the stage for an epic showdown where Ridge Forrester will have to choose between his son and his wife. Ridge has already lost one daughter, so losing Thomas who is spiraling as we know it could be a devastating blow for the great Forrester.