UNITED STATES—I know I am not the only American who struggles with wanting to exercise. However, I have learned that it all begins with having a plan people. You have to decide if your health truly matters to you, what you are willing to do to make things transpire. Whether you’re looking to lose a specific amount of weight or if your goal is to just stay active and keep that body in motion.

First and foremost, decide whether you want to exercise with a gym membership or at your home. For some, they go the route of the gym membership. The only problem with that is so many people fail to actually use the membership. So you’re paying monthly fees on something that you never use. Not smart, not wise people because you are simply throwing money into the trash. However, the good thing about a gym membership is that you have people that may hold you accountable.

If you need accountability when it comes to exercise, having someone who is monitoring your performance and what you are and what you are not doing is huge. There is the flipside, where you have people who hate people trying to micromanage their exercise routine. It has the opposite effect; it makes you less likely to exercise. I am someone who prefers to exercise at home. Yes, you do have many people in this country who have plenty of exercise equipment inside their homes. Whether that is an elliptical, bicycle, treadmill, weights or a host of other things.

That means you have the items you need to develop an exercise regimen, but you have to put a plan in place. What are you looking to do for your body? Burn fat, burn calories or build muscle? Depending on what your goal is the approach will be different with your exercise regimen people. With that said, you also have to be aware of the time that you work out. This is perhaps the most critical thing to ensuring your success. Why? You develop a routine. Routine is key to success when it comes to exercising.

So many of us fall off the wagon because we just have a day that is so brutal, the thought of even considering any form of exercise mentally stops us from doing it. First, find several days during the week where you want to exercise and craft your routine based on your schedule. Pick a time that works for you. For some, the morning is best, others its midday, for some it is evening, for others it is very late at night or very early before the crack of dawn people.

Some people’s bodies react differently based on the time of day. If you’re an early bird, hitting the gym in the morning might help you get the day going. Perhaps, you’re a late day starter and working out in the evenings gets your juices going. The key is to try to stay on that regimen. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world, which is what so many of us end up doing. We throw in the towel and we never recover from it.

For me, I’ve started to implement jump roping. I heard it is like one of the best exercises and helps you burn a ton of calories. The biggest issue I had was finding a decent jump rope, and I’m sorry, but I refuse to utilize Amazon. Sorry Jeff Bezos already has enough money, I’m not making his pockets any fatter people, sorry, it just ain’t happening.

A good 15 to 20 minutes of jump roping is great cardio and agility building people. Whatever gets you moving I want you to focus on that moving forward and make it a part of your everyday routine! The more you do something, the more of a habit it becomes.