Facebook Vs. Twitter


UNITED STATES—The social media world is constantly being updated every day.  I remember the old days before Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there was MySpace.  Well where is MySpace nowadays?  It’s still around, but not many people are using it, heck I barely remember my password for that account. Today the social media craze is ran by Facebook, some would argue Twitter, but Twitter for some odd reason has taken a backseat to Facebook.

I’m not a fan of Facebook, nor have I ever been.  I recalled the year 2003 quite vivid; it was the beginning of the surge of Facebook as we know it.  My generation shaped the online media craze and it took my college university by storm.  Just what was it about this social site that hooked people literally for hours at their computer?  To this day I still have no idea, but I think it’s the concept of communication.  You no longer have to pick up a phone and call someone, you no longer have to email or text them, and you can simply send them a message on Facebook.

The site in its own way allows people from different states and all over the world to stay in communication with one another.  With Facebook on a constant boom and continuing to grow in numbers, where does that leave Twitter?  I love Twitter because its quick, fast and much savvier compared to Facebook.  You can send a quick tweet whenever you’re attempting to alert the world or pop culture about something important. You notice something that is newsworthy, send out a tweet.  Trust me Twitter has come quite handy in finding stories and news to write about.  Plus you’re limited in the amount of words per tweet that you can send out.  That means you have to choose your words wisely when sending out a tweet, a picture or link to something else.

Twitter, like Facebook is a competition.  For Twitter it’s all about the number of “followers” that you have.  With Facebook, it’s all about the number of “likes” that you get. The problem with the “followers” and “likes” is can one single person tweet back to 10 million people?  Nope.  Can one person respond to every single person who “likes” them?  Nope.  Its just people making other people popular for the sake of making them popular; it’s a game of celebrity with no actual cause.

While my argument is valid in my eyes, others might find it foolish, then I ask why spend so much time using social networking to interact, when you’re really not interacting.  If you’re seeking fame do what most celebrities nowadays do: absolutely nothing or get a reality show.  It’s the quickest way to fame.  While Facebook is the hot item at the moment, it’s just a matter of time before Tumblr or Instagram finds its way to the forefront.  Nothing every stays on top forever, there’s always something waiting to pounce at the right time.

By Trevor Roberts