UNITED STATES—Here we go again. Yup that is likely what many Americans said to themselves when the federal government shut down at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 19. It took more than 3 days for Democrats and Republicans to barter a temporary deal to fund the federal government. The fact that we elected all of these constituents into office to represent us, and instead of thinking about the livelihood of Americans, they allow their egos to stand in the way of the government operating?

Yes, America that is exactly what transpired, egos and personalities got in the way of thinking about the importance of the American people. However, we have people like Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell attempting to pat themselves on the back and take credit for a compromise being reached. Look stop pointing the got damn finger at one another. There is no specific party to blame here, because Democrats, Republicans and the POTUS are all responsible for this melee.

I already wish the 2018 mid-term elections were today. Why? So we could vote out all politicians and have a clean slate. Its apparent members of Congress and the Senate can give a rats you know what about the American people, their needs and the importance of representation. The exact same thing happened in 2013 when a Democrat was the Commander-in-Chief.

I seriously don’t understand how so many of these politicians who praise themselves as being for the American people and carrying about making the country great again, to allow such a fiasco to play out, and for it to happen in such a grand nature that it has most Americans sitting at home just shaking their heads. Seriously I’m in utter disbelief that so many other countries are looking at us and laughing, laughing to the point that it’s pathetic. All I have to say is that Democrats, Republicans and the President should all be concerned with the upcoming mid-term elections.

Maybe this is the time for Americans to unite and educate ourselves on really learning about the candidates vying for office and not solely relying on this notion that Democrats have to vote for Democrats and Republicans have to vote for Republicans. Yes, these are the two major parties that have dominated this country for centuries, and where has it gotten us in the present day. This latest federal government shutdown, while far less than the nearly 3 weeks back in 2013, still sends a sign to Americans that politicians are looking out for their own personal gain not the individuals they are supposed to represent.

I feel like we’ve elected people in office who are acting like preschoolers; they can care less about how their actions actually impact those who are barely making ends meet, or those hoping the government will fight for their needs versus personal gain. Of course for the next few days we’ll hear so many politicians coming out of the limelight trying to earn accolades for being ‘responsible’ for ending the shutdown. Stop, pause and hold on a second. Do not attempt to collect accolades for doing something that you never actually did to begin with. The American government was looking shameful and as a result the lightbulb went off in the head that action has to be taken otherwise we are in major trouble.

Accountability is something that more politicians should be held to. Stop all the talk about DACA, immigration or the building of Trump’s stupid wall. Point blank, we should have never gotten to a point where the federal government shutdown because no one wanted to compromise. I’m sick and tired of it, it’s time to grow up and act like elected officials or resign from office so someone who actually cares about this country can take the wheel.