SAN FRANCISCO—Federico Flores-Ortega, 40, of South San Francisco, was arrested by the police for stolen automotive parts on Monday, December 7.

On November 29, the South San Francisco Police Department indicated a call came in about a vehicle burglary at a trailer parked at a commercial business located on the 400 block of Forbes Boulevard. According to authorities, the suspect stole “numerous automotive parts from the trailer with a combined value of over $21,000.”

Due to the fact there were surveillance cameras around the commercial property, the police were able to locate a partial license plate number and a vehicle description.

Authorities indicated that they positively identified the suspect in the surveillance video as Flores-Ortega and subsequently arrested him in December 7 for his connection to the burglary. Authorities noted they also found the vehicle Flores-Ortega allegedly used, which is the same vehicle where the stolen items were being kept.

According to the South San Francisco Police Department, the “vast majority, if not all” of the stolen automotive parts were recovered and returned to the legitimate owner. Flores-Ortega, who is currently unemployed, was charged with burglary and conspiracy.

This is considered an active case as the SSFPD are still searching for additional suspects. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900, email at ti**@ss*.net, or call the anonymous TIP line at (650) 952-2244.