HOLLYWOOD—Well the truth about Sully aka Christian has been unveiled on the soap “The Young and the Restless,” but the drama is far from over.  I totally expected Sharon to be thrown to the wolves for keeping the truth from Nick about Sully’s true heritage, but it appears that once a secret has been revealed it’s quite easy for people to forgive after the first week. Well that applies for most of the residents in Genoa City. Even Nick himself, has slightly warmed up to his ex-wife and the mother of his children.

No matter how much Nick wants to hate Sharon, I’ve said this before and I will say this again: Nick and Sharon are destined to be together. Too bad Nick is so wrapped up with Chelsea being so loving and caring. Give me a break! I swear Chelsea is a character that irks my skin. Why? She acts holier than though, but this woman has done all sorts of heinous deeds. I mean she has thrown stones at Sharon for keeping Nick from the truth, yet she was the same woman who made Dylan think he was Connor’s father, but it was Adam the entire time.

It’s great to see Chloe going toe-to-toe with her BFF Chelsea to provide Sharon a bit of a break to see the son that was never truly hers. In the process, it has only complicated the custody battle for the little tot. Why? Nick is determined to protect his ‘son’ at all costs, while Dylan is not ready to let go of the son that he raised for over a year, not knowing his wife was holding a whopper of a secret along the way. Things are indeed getting ugly and it looks like a war is about to explode courtesy of Victor, Nick and Leslie vs. Dylan, Sharon and Michael. Those are some major egos going at it people.

To make matters worse, Chelsea finds herself caught in the middle as it seems the friendship between her and Chloe could be coming to a head. Kevin’s snooping has put Chloe on high alert, and that means Chelsea might begin digging very soon. What an interesting dynamic people! Why, can you imagine Chelsea discovering that not only did her BFF work with Victor to frame Adam, but she was responsible for his ‘death?’

Chelsea will lash out with the bombshell, but can you imagine Chloe learning that Chelsea is keeping the truth from Nick regarding Adam being Christian’s father not him! Yes, just imagining the fireworks of these two blackmailing one another to keep the other’s secret screams February sweeps people. I just hope Sharon doesn’t learn the truth about Christian first; it seems this woman ALWAYS learns the good secrets and utilizes them to angle her.

Catfights are happening courtesy of Hilary and her quest to be all powerful; man this is a woman you can love one minute and absolutely hate the next minute. Her motives at times just makes little to no sense to be honest. I mean seriously, she has been on overload since running that sleazy internet tabloid determined to expose all the dirt surrounding Christian, Dylan, Sharon and Nick. It’s putting a major strain on her relationship with Devon, so much to the point that her husband FIRED her! Yup, once again Devon has put his foot down in hopes of getting his wife to see the light.

That bickering is nothing compared to the ongoing sibling rivalry between Jack and Billy. I mean c’mon can Traci seriously think Jack is to forget the fact that his brother was secretly sleeping with his wife behind his back! I mean I know I wouldn’t be able to forget that; it’s like the ultimate betrayal. That sentiment can also be echoed for Nikki who finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between her two sons: Dylan and Nick. Yeah, not the best situation for Nikki, but it’s complicated to say the least people. However, it all turns out, it looks like the happily ever-after that Nick Newman is hoping to have with his ‘son’  is soon to explode in his face and that heartache will be much worse than what he has already experienced.