UNITED STATES—A former Florida Gators linebacker, Daniel Weldon staved off a mob at a bar who was assaulting him over his Make America Great Again hat that he was wearing on the Fourth of July.

Daniel Weldon, 22, was reportedly celebrating the holiday with his Make America Great Again hat and a Trump pin.

Weldon first discussed the incident on Facebook and was interviewed by reporters stating that he was swarmed by a group of women, one of which was attempting to remove his hat and pin off. He indicated there were guys in the crowd as well and he was being pushed, punched and shoved.

Weldon is 6 feet tall and weighs 230 pounds. When asked by a reporter when he did not fight back, Weldon responded, “My Mama didn’t raise me to hit women.”

Weldon is active in a conservative political group, Florida Federation of College Republicans that advertise on their web page that college students have a way to advocate their beliefs through a respectable and structured organization.

YouTube video by MCRTV relays the series of events.

Written By Sharon Stice