SAN FRANCISCO—Four minors and one 18-year-old are wanted by police for beating a 70-year-old woman in San Francisco on July 31.

The victim, who has been identified as Mrs. Ren, went outside for the first time on July 31. after a period of time. She was in hiding since the COVID pandemic began. During her outing, Mrs. Ren was approached by a group of children who asked her for the time. She gave them the time and showed them her watch because she felt that they might not have understood her English.

The victim told ABC7 SF they began searching her body that the group was up to no good. 

According to reports, they began to get violent with the victim when they noticed she had an iPhone 7 in her possession. She was followed by the group of children to the elevator of her housing complex. In an attempt to shield herself from danger, she tried to get the elevator doors to shut faster. 

The culprits angrily pulled Mrs. Ren to the ground and kicked her in the face. They struck her in the head repeatedly and continued to kick her. At some point, she was able to escape her attackers and tried to hide in the hallway by closing a door to hide when she was met again with her assailants. They tried taking her keys and continued to take turns beating Mrs. Ren. 

One was a 13-year-old Black girl and another was 11-year-old Black boy. The 18-year-old male is the only one of the group that could possibly face serious charges. Authorities stated that the group are allegedly tied to a string of robberies that transpired recently in the Oakland region.