SAN FRANCISCO—As of Tuesday, April 6, $40 million was approved for free summer programming for the city’s public school students. Approval for the funding was delayed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors due to concerns of some of the funding coming from a private organization, the SF Chronicle first reported.

San Francisco’s Summer Together Initiative aims to provide free camps, summer school and learning centers for the public school students of San Francisco. The initiative would use $15 million from the city and $25 million from private organizations Crankstart Foundation and Together SF.

Supervisor Hillary Ronen, raised concerns about the role a private organization like TogetherSF, which is seed funded by Crankstart, would play in the initiative. After meeting with founder, Griffin Gaffney, Ronin’s stance has changed. 

With TogetherSF applying to become a 501c3 organization, once approved by the IRS they will legally no longer be able to endorse political candidates. The company will not longer recruit from hard to reach families as well.

“Work is being done by non-profits that have a history with working with disadvantaged families,” said Ronen at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting on April 6. Another reason Ronen is ok with Together SF as part of the funding for the program is the result that “TogetherSF will have no access to student or family data.” With funding approved, the summer initiative is set to begin this summer.