UNITED STATES—There are people who play videogames and there are those people who are hardcore gamers. How would I define a gamer? A gamer is someone who just has a natural skill when it comes to playing video games. They know how to utilize tricks and tactics to make finishing a game easier. I would consider myself a gamer. I had this intuition when I played videogames during childhood, I just knew where, and what to do to complete a game without having a strategy guide. This is not something that many people can accomplish, so it’s a gift in itself.

I had completely stopped gaming once I got into high school; time just didn’t allow it anymore America. My schedule now is busier than ever, but I have still managed to find a way to carve a few hours every other week to indulge in some classic gaming. When I learned that the SNES and NES Classic were returning for purchase, I was in an absolute tizzy. I mean these games defined my childhood America. So when they were released in 2017 and 2018, I had to have them. Thru sheer luck I was able to get my hands on both devices. I mean this is what true videogames were like. What we have today is nothing compared to the past.

The controller back then did not have a multitude of buttons, just A or B and a control pad. When you played games it was all about strategy America. You were forced to utilize your brain to think and maneuver yourself out of dicey situations. So imagine my surprise upon discovering that gaming is a major business right now, you can make a lot of money playing videogames if you are good at them. Why?

People like to stream themselves playing classic games and guess what, Americans like to watch. It’s actually a neat trick because you get to see different approaches to defeating bosses, completing puzzles or understanding how to retrieve special items that may not be easy to find. There are always ways to hack and utilize alternative approaches to gain weaponry and to defeat enemies, and this does not warrant using a strategy guide or book.

We’re not talking chump change either America, there are people who make thousands and I mean thousands of dollars a month if not more sitting on their couch and playing videogames. Can everyone do it? I would argue no, I would argue those who are savvy and have a great memory can turn a fun hobby from childhood into a full-time job and support your family in the same process. A great platform to game involves utilizing the social media platform Twitch which is used by many gamers.

It might take a bit of time to get things up and running and establishing a fan base for those who don’t have a large social media following especially if you want people to constantly come to your channel and watch you game out on a consistent basis. This is to say all those out there who suspect that videogames are a waste of one’s time, it can be a very profitable hobby. One where you skills can continue to evolve and you can earn a lot of money at the same time. The major plus is not just nostalgia, but gaming allows you to disconnect from all the distractions or stressors in your life.