HOLLYWOOD—Well, 2015 is now far behind and 2016 is upon us so what is happening in the world of “General Hospital?” Robin is safe and sound back in Port Charles, everyone rejoice. I’m a sucker for a happily-ever after. I mean this woman has been put through sheer hell the past 4 years with being held captive so many times I have lost count.

To see Patrick come to her rescue and free his wife from the clutches of Jerry Jacks was a fascinating moment. I mean, when was the last time you recall Robin, Patrick, Emma, Anna and dear ole Robert as one big happy family. Yes, it’s been way too long.

If you thought the reunion between Robin and Emma tugged at the hearts in 2013, nothing compared to the reunion the two shared this past week; darn you “General Hospital” writers you sure no how to make the waterworks emerge. I was almost certain Crichton-Clark was long gone, but the place everyone should have looked first for Robin is where she had been held captive all along.

Patrick and Robin are reunited, sorry; I never bought the Sam and Patrick thing for one moment. So with Robin back in PC, will everything end well as the viewer suspects, I think not, especially since Jason Thompson is on his way out.

Sam is now lonesome because Patrick has booted her to the curb and Jason is still conflicted about his feelings. To make matters worse, Nikolas and Hayden are up to no good scheming. I mean Hayden, this guy tried to murder you, be careful because I have a feeling your time in Port Charles is about to kick-off a murder mystery fans will be chatting about for weeks. Nikolas did indeed push the wrong button because Jason flipped putting a beating on the prince that left him in a hospital bed. Did Nikolas think keeping the secret about Jason would not have consequences? Looks like the dark prince, could soon turn even darker as more devious plans for Jason Morgan come into play. Hmm, I wonder just how Elizabeth will use this to her advantage, as Nikolas and Jason both share a bond with the nurse who has done both of them wrong in the past, present and will likely do the same in the future.

Speaking of Nikolas, his latest incident has caused Laura to raise her concerns for both of her kids including Lulu who has become tangled with the Devil in Johnny. Her quest to make Valerie pay for breaking up her marriage caused the youngest Spencer to cross over to the dark side. Wow, it’s amazing how that spark between Dillion and Lulu disappeared without flicker; perhaps the chemistry was just never there.

This leads to the shocking moment of Tracy walking in on Paul getting a bit too cozy with Ava Jerome. Yup, the gig is up and now someone knows just what Paul has been doing. Good luck on keeping Tracy quiet on this one Paul. Paul was indeed behind Sonny’s shooting, I’m just waiting for the moment that Sonny discovers the gist and unleashes all hell on the man who has been pulling strings for the mob war in Port Charles underneath everyone’s eyes.

Seems Carly has found a way to continue to shout and scream at anyone who has been causing waves in her family, first it was Liz, than Hayden, Sabrina get ready cause now that Michael knows you’re carrying Carlos’ baby and not his, his mom will get an earful. Carly is always protective of her friends, but she is even worse when she discovers that her children are being used or manipulated. This confrontation could be juicy good people.

Oh, we can’t forget the marriage proposal between Julian and Alexis, but something tells me Nina is about to be a thorn in a new love triangle. He hired her for his magazine, but I’m certain this guy has ulterior motives and Franco seems to be aware of that as well. Hmm, just what is Julian after and will we ever learn that secret that Dr. Obrecht and Madeleine has kept shielded from Nina? Fingers crossed to 2016 exposing that bombshell to viewers. So “General Hospital” fans 2015 has been an exciting one, what storylines or surprises are you hoping for in 2016?