SAN FRANCISCO—Fans at a San Francisco Giants game threw a beer bottle and at least one baseball towards San Diego Padres outfielder, Jurickson Profar, on Friday, May 20.

During the bottom of the third inning, Profar got into an exchange with fans, where he acted as if he was going to throw a ball into the stands. He ended up throwing the ball onto the seats near the third base line. During that time, someone threw a ball back onto the playing field, where fans booed as well.

“I tried to throw it to a Padres fan,” Profar explained. “I think he missed it and then some Giant fan caught it. When I turned around he threw it back and almost hit me. Then I threw it back and they started throwing more. The next time they threw a beer bottle.”

Around the seventh inning a beer bottle was tossed onto the field as Profar chased Luis Gonzalez’s double into the left-field corner. Profar picked up the bottle and tossed it to the side as he made gestures toward the fans.

According to reports, no one made an effort to stop the fans behavior until security arrived. 

Padres teammate Wil Myers stated, “Pretty wild. It’s pretty hostile here. Every time you come play, the fans are very engaged in the game. I don’t agree with what they were doing tonight, but this is who they kind of are. Tough place to play, good environment.”

Profar commented, “It’s very frustrating. You can talk whatever you want. You paid to watch the game. These guys are the worst in the league. They can talk but as soon as you try to throw stuff, that’s different.”

“I was really mad. I’m a happy guy but when I get mad it’s different. That thing got me really mad,” Profar said. “It’s very dangerous. I’m not watching. They can hit me in the back of the head. You can get a concussion or something.”