SAN FRANCISCO— The start-up Good Eggs failed to deliver meals to families on Thanksgiving. CEO Bentley Hall explained on his Twitter page that his company “experienced a multi-hour warehouse system outage” early Wednesday, November 25.

Several customers posted on Twitter that their groceries being delayed or canceled came as a complete surprise to them because the company did not update them about their orders.

Austin Bisharat wrote, “I do not see an email in my inbox… and I certainly don’t see a delivery on my porch either. It’s now 7+hrs past the original time window, and 1hr past the updated time window.”

Hall explained that on Tuesday, November 24, the company “fell behind on picking orders. This resulted in delivery delays early in the day, and a driver shortage later. To address this, we pushed some deliveries to early Wednesday morning.”

Hall indicated that the warehouse system outage created a “Cascading set of more material challenges during the day. We were unable to recover fully from them.”

Hall said after the company fixed that problem, they were “too optimistic about how long it would take to fully catch up and get all of your orders out the door.”

Hall also stated, “I made some poor decisions earlier in the day that led to a lack of timely, clear communication. We left many of you in the dark. That is inexcusable and we will never make that mistake again.”

After Hall posted his reaction to the company’s blunder, several customers, replied to his Twitter thread, “Would’ve been nice to know that earlier. It’s too late now. Still haven’t received any emails about my order or anything that says I’m getting a refund. Very disappointed.”

Hall explained that Good Eggs will certainly issue “Refunds for cancelled orders, missed items, and for delayed orders.”