SAN FRANCISCO—One of the largest homeless encampments in San Francisco was cleared on Monday, May 17 by Caltrans crews at 450 Fifth St. As a part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s encampment strategy, people living in unsafe and unhealthy encampments will be moved to more stable housing.

“There’s no #CAComeback without tackling the homelessness crisis head on,” said the governor in a Twitter post. “It’s time to go big.”

The governor’s $100 billion Comeback Plan includes $12 billion to help more than 65,000 people get off the streets. California currently has 46,000 new homeless housing units making it the largest increase in its history, according to the Governor of California website. A total of $3.5 billion will go into building affordable housing for low-income families to obtain homeownership to help restore the California Dream.

“I want folks to know the best is yet to come, the sky’s the limit for California and I mean that and I think this budget surplus is reflective of that,” said Governor Newsom in an interview with Elex Michaelson. “Boy, those who talk about California’s best days behind It, they’re going to rue the day, this state is roaring back.”

The California Comeback plan aims to tackle challenges in the state and will provide immediate relief to those impacted the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, transform public schools into gateways for opportunity, build infrastructure for the next century and combat wildfires and climate change.

“15,500 jobs will be created through this initiative. Formerly homeless, at risk youth, kids coming out of the prison system and adults, young adults, looking for opportunities we’re going to give them opportunities,” said the governor in a public announcement on Twitter.

His plan outlines strategies and major investments in key areas so California can come roaring back from the pandemic, as noted on the Governor of California website.