SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, June 18, the San Francisco Public Works (SFPW) announced they will begin the project of removing sand on the Great Highway on Monday, June 22. SFPW uploaded a detailed statement about the project on their website.

The Great Highway is a road next to Ocean Beach, in the city of San Francisco. It is located in the western boundary of the city along the Pacific Coast.

Traffic lanes on the Great Highway are currently closed. SFPW is asking the public to avoid using the southbound lanes while the project is going. It aims to avoid using the earthmoving equipment for the operation.

According to the statement, the contractors will move the sand from the side of the roadway to the ocean. Each contractor will redistribute about 16,000 cubic yards of sand. The goal of the project is to reduce the sand storage on the Great Highway amid the windy weather. The sand at the seawall between Noriega Street and Santiago Street will be removed. The project will also fix the sand buildup problem at Judah Street.

SFPW indicated that crews of the sand relocation project will be in the area up to seven days. They will need to ensure their crews will not disturb the Snowy Western Plover, which is an endangered small shorebird protected by the law. The plovers tend to spend most of time in a year hanging out around Ocean Beach. The monitors at the federal Golden Gate National Recreation Area indicated that the plovers have already left Ocean Beach. It is safe for SFPW to start their sand relocation project.

For more details on the project, visit San Francisco Public Works website.