HOLLYWOOD—This was a slow mid-season finale of Tyler Perry’s hit guilty pleasure “The Haves and the Have Nots.” I don’t say that often because that is not the case. It is apparent Perry is laying the groundwork for the madness that is slated to come as the season progresses. With news being released this week that the eighth season will be the final season, we can expect chaos unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the series since its debut in 2013. This episode was amply titled, ‘A Showdown’ because there were some showdowns people and they were epic to say the least.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode please stop watching now, trust me you don’t want to be spoiled. We picked up where we left off last week with Charles coming face-to-face with Candace. His obsession with the vixen reached the pinnacle as he couldn’t stay away. Candace called out Landon for utilizing reporters to speak to her mother in order to see Charles. Charles apologized for his actions, but Candace was the least bit pleased and stormed out of the room. Disappointed, but Charles was not ready to give up.

Ice Queen Veronica Harrington was busy getting an update from Katheryn’s accountant, Don, about her loan going into default and she admitted that her facilities are not going well. Don made it clear that he has no purse strings to play with Katheryn’s money. Veronica made threats about information she has on him and when Veronica learned that Hanna has control of Katheryn’s estate it left her speechless.

To say that fear was riddled across her face was an understatement, which means the Ice Queen might be finally going down people. Yes, the maid has control Veronica, get over it. Looks like Veronica is about to have to get her hands dirty and if Hanna has any say, you will NOT get your hands on that document. Benny continued to flirt with Sandi’s ex, unaware of the danger that he could placing into his orbit.

Realizing that his new realtor lost her mother forced Benny to reevaluate his life and he reached out to Hanna to try to make amends. Hanna asked Benny to give the money he stole back, but he refused and even Hanna made it clear to Benny he has ‘slow’ tendencies. It seems everyone knows Benny is not the brightest bulb except for him. Jim I thought you left, why are you back? It was apparent he was eavesdropping on that conversation and realized the maid never had an entanglement with the funds he lost.

Look Jim Cryer, these empty threats are becoming tiring and old as hell. Is this Jim showing that he can be a decent human being? Hanna was not buying the buttering up that Jim was attempting to sell to her. Jeffrey was busy planning a surprise for Madison, which was proof that he has finally put Justin in his past people. At last, Mitch inquired with Sandi about why their uncle Vinny was asking questions about his relationship with Benny.

Good thing Sandi was loyal and warned his cousin that things were about to be tense within the family. Mitch learned that Sandi recorded a sex tape of him and Brianna without her knowing. Sandi is definitely a character people, and it makes one worry to say the least. Mitch warned Benny that problems could be in the works from his family, as the Malone NOT entangled in the mob was about to pay Jim Cryer a visit to see what he was up to. Benny speculated Candace being in Charles’ orbit is a good thing, but she was in utter denial about Charles’ love for her.

Veronica shared with Tanner that she was responsible for assaulting his brother, just as the plan to send a message to Colby was underway. Looks like Veronica might have more sinister things up her sleeve and wanted to take out David and Jeffery (round two), but little does she know the walls are closing in on her and this is one character whose downfall I am dying and I mean dying to witness because she deserves it for all her antics people.

Jeffery and Madison were having dinner, when things were interrupted by Officer Justin with gun in hand and the levity of the conversation soon became tense. Justin pointed the finger at Madison, as Jeffery tried to lower the temperature in the room, but it was going nowhere. Jeffery wanted to protect his new flame from any danger, but Justin was not allowing it. Justin admitted that he watched Madison and Jeffery having sex, which only irked Justin more. It became apparent Justin dosed himself with gasoline before lighting the match causing utter panic in the restaurant as Madison and Jeffery watched in horror.

This was indeed a slow burn, as it seems the remaining chaos is being slated for the final episodes that will begin airing in May. I don’t know what to say, the guilty pleasure that I have relayed on to get thru the work week the past 8 years is finally coming to an end. Tyler Perry please do not disappoint me. Until ‘Temptation Tuesday’ returns in May 2021 “HAHN” die-hards, I’m sure things will end in epic fashion.

Written By LaDale Anderson