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“HAHN” Recap: ‘Boom Boom Bang’

Jim and David were devising a plan to take out their foe Veronica Harrington.

HOLLYWOOD─It looks like Jim Cryer is getting his comeuppance at last on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Boom Boom Bang’ saw Candace Young get the last laugh after wiring Jim only $8.35, delivering Benny $1 million and keeping the rest of those funds she stole for herself. Jeez, Benny play along and don’t blow this. I’m getting the feeling the writers are setting up Candace’s exit from the series?

Back at the hospital, David and Jim continued their discussion on how to neutralize Veronica Harrington aka The Ice Queen. Speaking of the Ice Queen, she was peeved to receive a visit from George who rattled her nerves when he delivered news that David presented him evidence on her many crimes. Veronica seemed unnerved when George indicated that David pointed the finger at her for Jennifer Sallison’s murder. Spars were traded between Veronica and David, and I’m eager to see who comes out on top.

The paperwork was wrapped up and Hanna is now the Power of Attorney for Katheryn Cryer’s estate. The matriarch was starting to spiral with the notion that she might be locked in prison a lot longer than she expected. Hanna and Katheryn discussed the ins and outs of how their children can burn them, yet they always forgive them in the long run. It looks like we might be getting foreshadowing of Katheryn’s future as well on the series. I’m getting the impression that we’re reaching the endgame of the series people, not just yet, but soon.

At the hospital, Jim received a visit from his muscle, who alerted him that Benny was rescued by the Malone clan. Mr. Cryer was livid, but things got worse when he learned that he received a wire of $8.35 to his account. Candace paid Jim a visit and gloated about her latest stunt. Jim alluded to threats he planned to carry out, but Candace was not in the bit least worried about her nemesis.

When Jim learned that Candace was good pals to the Malone family, he was slightly worried. He continued to make threats in his quest to get his money, but later received a visit from Mitch, where it was obvious the cat got his tongue. Mitch broke down to Jim that Candace is a great asset to the family because of her delivery of War. Mitch made it clear that Jim needs to let this vendetta go, but the final nail in the coffin is Mitch making the threat that Jim placed her grandson in the crossfire of Benny’s kidnapping. It was a lie, but Mitch was damn convincing.

Wow, it is fun to see Mitch Malone finally cross over to the dark side and embrace the villainy that his family holds. Jim, oh, Jim it was a pleasure to see you lose and lose greatly at that. You reap what you sew people. So we’re back to this senator storyline? Kyle wanted to maneuver his leverage to hopefully buddy up with President Charles Fredricks’ appointee.

Looks like the senator is getting a bit of payback from an old foe, and how he tried to blackmail Charles. Threats were issued and the name Candace Young came to the surface, and we saw Kyle start to cower with threats that he would be investigated. Veronica was taking interviews for maids, but it was apparent her racist tendencies were present more than ever, and a chord was struck when a candidate reminded her of her mother.

Veronica was impressed by Laura who reminded her a bit of herself. Jeez this woman is a pistol to say the least. Justin decided to show up to David’s place hoping to have a conversation with Jeffery. Justin was invited into the home by a hesitant Jeffery, where he explained his choice to leave town to prevent the constant attacks from his mother. Justin was taken aback by Jeffery’s callous response to his mother’s wicked behavior.

Justin pegged that Jeffery might be moving on with Madison, and it unnerved Jeffery, who suspected his former lover might be up to something. Looks like Veronica is setting up this new maid to take the fall for her crimes. The final moments of the episode, saw Wyatt take another spiral as he was ready to commit suicide. Wyatt confessed his truth to his mother, who didn’t want to hear what he was selling. Wyatt pulled out a toothbrush that he turned into a weapon. Katheryn begged her son not to, but he slit his wrist anyway.

The mid-season finale next week looks explosive as Jim is planning something huge, the Young family goes to war, Veronica might be in hot water, and Jeffery and Madison might not get the happy ending they expected. Oh, I cannot wait till next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

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