SAN FRANCISCO—Charges were been dropped against one of the suspects’ arrested in connection to an attack last month on an elderly man, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office indicated. District Attorney Chesea Boudin dropped the charges against Dwayne Grayson, 20, to instead ensure the juvenile goes through a justice city program. 

Grayson was the suspect who recorded the attack that he later posted on social media. He did not physically assault the victim, but allegedly said “I hate Asians” as heard in the background of the video. The video was posted on February 23, where the victim was collecting recyclables in the Bayview District.

The SFPD became aware of the video the day after it was posted and the Bayview Station Investigations Team commenced an investigation to identify the victim and assailants in incident. The assignment was passed to the SFPD Special Investigations Division.

The second suspect Jonathan Amerson, 56, was booked on two counts of robbery and elderly abuse. Amerson attempted to strike the victim with a trash picker and took the victim’s cans which he was gathering, at the time of the attack.

He was booked on two counts of robbery, as he was responsible from stealing from the victim two months ago.

Written By Jessica Stopper and Alyssia Castillo