HOLLYWOOD—I knew it was Benny’s temper that would ultimately lead to massive chaos on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” and the audience saw those repercussions. This week’s episode, ‘Hidden Bones’ saw mayhem erupt after Benny got into a tussle with Sandy, Mitch’s brother and a Malone for that matter. Benny put a beating on Sandy, to which Brianna tried to break up, but it only led to Sandy issuing a massive threat. Brianna tried to warn Benny, who thinks because he knows Mitch he’ll be okay, but that ain’t the case people.

Benny tried to play the chivalry card, but Brianna was an emotional mess worried about Benny’s wellbeing. Seriously, we have to deal with this senator tale again? Candace refused to chat with that annoying senator who wanted to speak with her about Charles. I wonder what Landon and Charles will say when they discover what the senator is up to. Something is telling me this guy is working with the former Attorney General to target Candace.

Mitch and Candace are in for a major surprise, as their ‘date’ night was ruined by Sandi alerting Mitch about the beat down he just experienced courtesy of Benny. Mitch learned about the fight and that his brother was at the hospital and he warned him not to call uncle Vinny to protect Benny’s life. Benny arrived to the hotel and he was bloody and bruised. Candace was worried sick that her brother had no idea how much danger he was in.

Katheryn received a visit from Don who tried to pull one over on the matriarch, so she called Hanna directly to prove ensure nothing was shady. Hanna was worried about Jim and warned that if he caused problems she would have to hurt him. Don asked Katheryn to give Jim the Power of Attorney, but she refused. Don must think Katheryn is an idiot; proposing himself and Jim as co Power of Attorneys boiled her blood and spilled the reasoning why she trust Hanna over everyone else. Katheryn Cryer is a boss people!

Jeffrey was surprised that Tanner actually showed up to his residence, as red flags were raised. Thank God Madison informed Jeffrey to be weary of Tanner and his intentions. Tanner you are doing a terrible job at playing coy and all the signs are pointing that you are up to something. Especially after Jeffrey revealed that he was not HIV positive. Jeffrey picked up on Tanner’s persistence which reminded him of Justin, as it became apparent he was not going to attend the memorial. David arrived and questioned Jeffrey about the visitor, like Jeffrey who have security for a reason use it.

Madison was treating Sandi who spewed all types of racist statements, before Mitch arrived and tried to calm his brother down. Sandi warned Mitch that Vinny and Mama Rose know he lied, just as he warned his pal to stay put. Wyatt was doing all in his power to get pain pills and get his restraints loosened. He placed Madison in a leg contraption cutting off his circulation. Once his restraints were untied, Wyatt being Wyatt fled the hospital, but not before doing his best to score some drugs. Wyatt is seriously a drug addict people and I fear things will NOT end well from him as the series comes to a conclusion.

Jim received a visit from Don who delivered the bad news, just as he issued a call to his mark to have a woman scare his wife in hopes of getting his hands on her inheritance. Ok, I see where things are heading. Jim is making moves that will ultimately lead to his demise. How so? Veronica’s marksman got a leg up on Jim’s henchman as Veronica decided to go out after realizing the threat was no longer after her. Laura and her hubby were plotting their next move on Veronica to clean her out by getting access to her account details.

Wyatt showed up to his old apartment, unaware that Katheryn’s boy toy, Broderick was staying there and one of his junkie pals stopped by as well. Even his junkie pal alerted Wyatt that taking opium pills could be quite dangerous for him, but he seemed to have no care in the world. Drinking booze, taking pills, it looks like Wyatt has no care in the world. Wyatt revealed his true identity to Broderick who connected to the dots realizing he was Katheryn’s son, just as he was about to snort cocaine.

Dots were being connected as Wyatt realized Broderick was sleeping with his mother. Wyatt was more intrigued to get his hands on drugs, as Broderick warned him taking too much of the wrong drugs will be bad. Oh, Broderick you’re about to be in major trouble if Katheryn learns you provided her son, who happens to be a drug addict with access to more drugs.

Celine sat on the porch waiting to confront Jim, who was none too pleased to see his former mistress, who begged for money, but Jim laughed in her face, just as Veronica arrived and Jim realized the Ice Queen is working with Celine. Veronica served Jim with a court order alerting him he has 24 hours to give Celine $50,000 otherwise he would be headed to jail.

Jim warned Celine, before he dropped a major bomb accusing her of killing Amanda! Well, at least the little secret that was teased back in season four by Jennifer Sallison is finally coming to light! OMG, next week looks crazy people, just crazy. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!