HOLLYWOOD—After having a week off from my Tuesday night guilty pleasure, Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” returned this week with a new episode to continue the drama that we’ve come to love. This week’s episode, ‘No More Time’ saw Benny finally get the information that was staring at him directly in the face about Derrick being the guy who sexually assaulted his mother. Like I said the last time we spoke, Benny looks like he’s about to become an item with Sandi’s ex, the real estate agent. That will NOT bode well with Benny one bit; the guy just can’t seem to stay out of trouble America.

Katheryn continued to spar with the Chief of Police, just as Veronica was armed and ready to shoot, but it was only Celine. Hmm, who was she so scared of America? Celine needed money for her rent and she planned to go after Jim Cryer for $50k. Wow, even when the woman is trying to help she knows how to insult people. She is just cruel and wicked to the core. Looks like another love interest could be in the mix for Hanna Young and after all the chaos she has endured, she deserves it.

Benny arrived at Veronica’s place looking for information and she touted a game of cat and mouse per usual. Fed up with her antics, Benny was about to storm off, but Veronica taunted him which only boiled his blood more. Justin’s brother Tanner continued to tease him about his sexuality, just as he opened up about the bruises and scars. He promised indulge in his ‘behavior’ anymore. David paid Jim a visit letting him know he was unable to find Wyatt, even though he was right underneath his nose the entire time.

Jeffery paid Madison a visit at the hospital where he posed questions about Colby which seemed to leave Madison speechless. Awkward to say the least America, which raises questions about what Madison is doing that Jeffery has no idea about. Brothers Sandi and Mitch had a war of words, as Sandi admitted the notion of murder was nothing he wanted part of.

So we have a name, Liana, she is the woman that Sandi is stalking and refuses to let things go. Just as it seemed like the relationship between Mitch and Benny was fracturing as a result of him misleading him about Derrick. Sibling rivalry at its best and it is funny to say the least, what was that little dig about Sandi’s father.

Honestly, I’m over the Charles storyline. It is not going anywhere and it’s been boring for quite some time. Ok, this dynamic between Landon and Charles is so odd, as it became clear Landon is loyal to a fault to Charles. Oliver dropped some tea on Landon about Candace being entangled with Mitch (which is not true). Another red flag was raised when Oliver teased that Candace went to the drug story to purchase some ‘things.’ The episode concluded with a tense conversation between Hanna and Benny about Derrick, just as Derrick arrived at Katheryn’s mansion.

Benny is a hot head, he always has been, puffing his chest like he is unbeatable. Hanna slammed the door in Benny’s face, just as Benny was ready to go to war with Derrick. After having a week off, next week looks to intensify as Benny does the unthinkable, more twists and turns transpire with Candace and Charles, and Colby attempts to teach Veronica Harrington a lesson, but with unexpected results. Oh, I cannot wait to next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!

Written By LaDale Anderson