HOLLYWOOD—Man, we should have 2-hour premieres all the time because that first episode was so fun, I didn’t think the second episode of the season premiere, ‘One Way or Another’ to be so exhilarating. The second episode saw fans of “The Haves and the Have Nots” met Jimmy, one of Jim’s offspring from his affair with Celine. Looks like all of Jim’s kids are volatile towards him, maybe it’s genetic. Jim learned that Jimmy threatened him with fake gun. Oh the fun, just as Katheryn continued to cry out for an update on Wyatt, just as Mama Rose tried to relieve her pressure.

Only on TV can a mob lord be locked in a prison cell with a chair. I have the impression that Katheryn never came face-to-face with Mama Rose. When Mama Rose called officers came running, and when Katheryn heard the name it rang a few bells. I know why Mama Rose is important, but it seems everyone is afraid of this woman and her level of power in this town. Wyatt is alive chained to a hospital bed for attempting to take his life. Wyatt came face-to-face with his brother Jimmy, who was envious of his big brother’s wealthy lifestyle.

Madison was apprehensive about taking Jeffery up on his offer to frolick at Veronica’s palace. So please tell me how Derrick is entangled with Veronica’s new maid and boy toy. Looks like Derrick really wants to get his vengeance on the Ice Queen; they want to milk her dry. Wow, it looks like the Ice Queen is about to take a major fall or she is about to find a way to get one over on her haters yet again. Derrick warned his protégés to be weary of this woman who has one up her sleeve at all times.

Marty alerted Katheryn’s accountants that Hanna is in control of Katheryn’s estate. Veronica was not pleased with the little bit of loving that she received from her criminal pal. I will admit this accounting storyline is a bit boring. Mr. Perry you are bringing too many characters into the mix. This duo is trying to put a hit out the ‘maid’ to get their hands on the Cryer fortune.

Back at the bar, Candace warned her mother she had to get out of the bar otherwise things would get ugly. Wow that was dirty to see Candace have her mother dragged out of the bar, but she did what she had to do to protect her mother and her brother. A mysterious woman named Alyssa showed up at David’s place, and revealed that she was a pal of Erica’s. A video was played for David, who discovered things he did not want to learn about. It became apparent that Alyssa was a whore and it was just sad to watch America.

So Oliver is toying around with his lackey who also happens to be Jim’s hitman. Looks like Oliver is into drugs people and really wants to take down Candace Young. Again, who the hell is Oliver’s father people? I really want to know. David continued to watch this woman make a fool of herself in front of his home. Benny got more information about Derrick and contacted Veronica to gain more insight, but she just wanted a night cap people. The episode concluded with the Malone family coming face-to-face with the officer who arrested Rose Malone. This cop had no idea of the clan that he was messing around with and he looked frightened, but he barked back at the Malone’s people.

Vinny took out his gun and shot the cop straight in the head. That was brazen to say the least people. Next week looks interesting as Benny listens to Veronica’s antics, just as David and his new pal. These teaser of what is expected to come this season has me drawn right back in America. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is back so get read “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards. New episodes air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on OWN.