HOLLYWOOD—Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation Tuesday’ returned last week with the final season premiere of “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Things ended on a climatic note with Veronica Harrington and Hanna Young going toe-to-toe with a physical altercation. This week’s episode, ‘Wolves’ saw the aftermath of that chaos and I was smiling from ear-to-ear watching the Ice Queen receive a beating she deserved. Hanna might be a God fearing woman, but she will place a beating on you when needed.

Veronica was aghast Hanna called her bluff about the $54 million on that loan for her facility. Hanna made the call to Don to foreclose on the loan and it had the Ice Queen shaking in her boots and I was living, I mean living for it people! Veronica issued threats and Hanna didn’t fear them one single bit. The drama was far from over as authorities arrived on the scene, soon followed by David and Jim who heard an earful about happenings at the Cryer estate. Hanna is a BOSS people; I love it!

Jim and David were inquisitive about what Veronica was searching for in Katheryn’s house. Veronica issued a threat to Jim about him trying to have her killed and David realized his wife is worried about something. Benny and Candace looked at homes courtesy of Rianna. It is obvious the flirting between Rianna and Benny is palpable. Hmm, looks like Candace is ready to get out of town, but she was on a no fly list and immediately phoned Landon inquiring about what is going on.

Something tells me Candace may not have been placed on that no fly list by Charles and his people, other sinister forces might be at play people. Landon knows how to push buttons to get the information he needs. Oh, look here, the Ice Queen is graveling; she came to see Katheryn begging for the file on her loan. Katheryn was pleased with Veronica graveling and the lying this woman is doing is hilarious.

Veronica noted she would get Katheryn off by arguing that she would take the stand and argue that she killed the DA and that because of her immunity deal she would get away with things. Katheryn called her villainous foes bluff and it seems Veronica might be at the end of her road of threatening people and the wheels are churning on her comeuppance people, at last. Benny is buying a house and it is thanks to Candace and her negotiation tactics. I love the relationship between Benny and Candace. It shows the bond that can exist between a brother and sister.

Tanner was busy prepping to put a beating on Colby, little did Colby know he was walking into a trap, as Veronica didn’t seem all that interested in revenge this time around people. Yeah, that was crazy that Colby didn’t realize whose house he was walking into. He was a bit scared, but it became apparent Colby was not going down without a fight people. He fought hard, but when you have like 5 people against 1 it is not a fair fight. Colby was left bloody, but Colby was teetering on dropping a bomb on Tanner by revealing that Justin is dead.

I CANNOT wait to see Veronica meet her maker people. Colby might have been hurting, but he didn’t back down from calling out Veronica and Tanner’s homophobia. Plenty of heart Colby and David and Jim learned Veronica was looking for information on the gun used in the murder of Jennifer Sallison. This is cute seeing David standup for Hanna and wish his bestie to steer clear of threatening Hanna. Benny tried to mix business with pleasure, even though Candace warned him. Really Benny?

Madison was worried about Colby as he called countless times and got no answer, just as Tanner showed up and learned that Justin is dead; he set himself a blaze. Here goes David trying to sweeten up to Hanna who was NOT in the move for any of his antics today. David was laughing at the thought of his wife getting a taste of her own medicine, a bit of truth was thrown in David’s direction as it forced him to realize he’s no better than his wife when it comes to her antics.

Hanna can see thru you a million miles away; stop, halt and move along; the games don’t work on a woman of her nature buddy. Tanner arrived at the police station and discovered that Justin committed suicide. Tanner and his mother were forced to identify Justin’s body, just as Jeffery arrived to drop a bit of knowledge on Tanner, who informed Jeffrey of some things like Justin being HIV positive. That was some game changing knowledge people that is scary to hear, even though it seemed way too easy for Tanner to do a 360 with Jeffrey. I mean he is not a fan of Jeffrey and for Jeffrey to give his address to Tanner, c’mon he has to know something is not adding up.

Next week, Mitch makes his move on Candace, Tanner is up to something, Madison is worried and Benny does something that will put him in the fire with the Malone family people and it’s NOT going to end well. I’ve always been eager for ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ but with each episode nearing us closer to the end I’m giddy to know what is going to happen each week. Until then “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!