“Haves And Have Nots” Recap: ‘Benny Does Battle’

Katheryn (Renee Lawless) is looking to get justice for her daughter Amanda.

HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Benny decided to pull a few strings to get Quincy to reveal the whereabouts regarding his nephew Quincy Jr on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” to ‘deadly’ results. In the latest episode, ‘Benny Does Battle,’ the aftermath of the chaos saw Benny put a beating on Quincy to get the details on where his nephew is. He learned that Quincy’s sister has been holding Candace’s son captive. It was an epic moment to see Benny dial 911 to set up Quincy for one last time.

When police showed up to the scene, Quincy managed to hide behind some brush to prevent being caught. Candace decided to take Oscar up on his travel plans to New York City. Jeffrey paid his father a visit where he did his best to convince his father that Veronica is an evil person.

Surprised to see Jeffrey drop the bomb that his father should be with Maggie. David was taken aback to discover that his son was in love with Wyatt. When Jeffrey dropped the bomb that Melissa is pregnant and that he is the father, David lost all composure. He shared the entire sordid tale about Veronica’s wicked deeds.

Candace and Oscar decided to get frisky in the friendly skies. Hanna did her best to help Katheryn get rid of Amanda’s belongings. David received a visit from Maggie who delivered news that would keep the media from suspecting arson as a cause behind the destruction of their home. She raised the flag that it’s possible that Veronica might be having an affair. When will this guy open his eyes, he is so delusional to who his wife truly is. Hanna located Amanda’s diary and delivered the prize possession to her boss.

Jim returned to work and alerted David that he placed his son behind bars. The buddies deciphered plans to talk with the District Attorney. Even Jim is well aware that Veronica tried to kill him, but he did not want to hear anything. It became apparent that both Jim and David had plans to take care of Candace, whatever that means. Veronica who is back to losing her marbles again, showed up at Benny’s towing business hoping to get her hands on the car, just as Maggie’s PI captured pictures of the Ice Queen. While reading her daughter’s diary, Katheryn had an emotional breakdown, and contacted Jim to confirm that their daughter had indeed been raped. It left both parents livid, so expect vengeance very soon.

Oscar and Candace arrived in New York and got closer with one another as our vixen shared more details about her past. Both traded spars about giving the password to their cell phones. Veronica continued constant calls to Benny as he did his best to avoid her. She weaved a beyond bland tale to convince him to meet with her to sign paperwork.

He seems quite annoyed with the vixen, just as he spotted Quincy’s sister enter her apartment building, he kicked the door in and got physical and came face-to-face with his nephew. It seems the child has been brainwashed regarding his mother’s side of the family. Wow, Benny is not playing around. When people come after or threaten his family he goes above and beyond to get results. That was an intense scene to say the least.

Candace let her guard down with Oscar as she decided to be honest about her fears, and began to realize that Oscar might be playing her. That woman has excellent intuition regarding people. Hanna got the surprise of lifetime when she came face-to-face with her grandson. Wow, the reunion that has been weeks in the making is about to finally happen. Next week looks good, as mother and son may finally be reunited. Until next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!