HOLLYWOOD—Last week on “Scream” the stage was set for a string of betrayals, while allies became enemies, and enemies became friends. This week’s episode ‘Betrayed,’ saw the killer up the ante in his vendetta against Emma and the residents of Lakewood. Emma and Kiernan celebrated their newfound relationship. For her to be someone that is the heroine, she sure is doing some stupid things. Like who in the world goes to visit the home of a notorious serial killer?

Inside the home, Emma received a call from the killer alerting her that the game has begun. What looked like a murder, turned out to be a nightmare! Good twist from the writers, nice trick. Will had a conversation with Piper where she shed light about decency, but at the same time attempting to get information to increase her notoriety.

Noah and Audrey discussed possible secrets Mr. Branson has been hiding. Those two could definitely have killer written all over their faces. Jake and Brooke discussed the possibility that her father killed her mother. Margaret found herself being questioned by the authorities and Audrey became the prime suspect in the Lakewood murders. Noah and Emma became suspicious as to why the police wanted to question Audrey about possibly being a killer.

Brooke confronted Will about blackmailing her father, and she totally bought the tale that Jake weaved. When Audrey learned that her DNA was on the killer’s mask she was left speechless. The interrogation left Audrey slightly unnerved to say the least, as she decided to give Emma a call, and she asked her pal to destroy the SD card from her camera, but not to watch the video. Emma and Noah broke into Audrey’s home to retrieve the SD card, but police arrival put a hamper on an escape plan. Neither wanted to destroy the device, but were both curious to find out what Audrey might be hiding.

Emma weaved a convincing tale to authorities where her lie was beyond believable in my opinion. Jake panicked when he discovered something was missing from his gym bag, which led to a altercation with Jake who did his best to threaten his old pal. Will had a meeting with Piper to divulge some interesting tidbits. Curiosity peaked interest which prompted both Emma and Noah to watch the video where it looked like Audrey was ready to take action against her nemesis.

Margaret decided to stop hiding secrets from her daughter and took her to her old childhood home. Emma discovered that her mother lived right next door to Brandon James. Seems the two had a closer relationship than people expected. Her mom disclosed that she suspected that perhaps, Brandon didn’t snap, it may have been someone else. Looks like mother and daughter were being watched from a distance!

Emma took a stand to protect her friend by lying to the police to rescue her friend for sure. The final moments of the episode saw Brooke’s dad being summoned once again to an abandoned garage by Will who wanted to confess the truth and return the funds that were stolen from him, with Piper recording all the juicy details. In a shocking moment, the duo found themselves being attacked by the killer who stabbed Will, while knocking Piper unconscious. Instead of finishing Will, the killer took him captive. Looks like things are finally intensifying on the series, as next week sets he stage for some epic scares and chase sequences. Until next week “Scream” lovers!