“Pretty Little Liars” Recap: ‘Last Dance’

The liars get ready for prom on "Pretty Little Liars." Photo courtesy of ABC Family/Eric McCandless.

HOLLYWOOD—Yes, “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics the penultimate episode of the first half of season six, ‘Last Dance’ ended with a major cliffhanger. So with only one episode to go, would fans be able to decipher the truth about Charles aka “A?” No, but we’re getting closer, as the liars prepped for one of the biggest days in their high school careers: prom.

Wow, the liars mothers have come together to discuss with their daughters the factoid that they can’t attend their prom because they are a security threat. The ladies were none too pleased to say the least, and being barred from graduation as well; now that is an all-time low. Charles is a devious fiend!

Ali received a text from “A” inviting her to prom to have a long awaited dance. Aria got great news about an internship and cash prize for her photography work. Hmm, Caleb is leaving Hanna in the cold to spend time with his ‘dad’ in New York and she spotted some high-tech machinery in his backpack. Guilty, guilty, Caleb. Ali got a call from Charles, just as strange sounds were heard from outside the window.

Toby and Lorenzo were in hot water with the Rosewood PD thanks to their girlfriends. For all those Spoby fans, I feel the spark is indeed dying. Spencer did her best to go to bat for Alison to get Lorenzo to give her a second chance. The Queen Bee got dressed to attend the barn prom as someone cloaked in Red, possibly Red Coat, followed Ali. Veronica spilled a bit too much information while drinking wine with Ashley, Pam and Ella, about Peter and Jessica’s affair.

At the Rosewood Senior Prom, Ali crashed the shindig where Clark was taking photos. The liars checked their phones to get the scoop on what’s happening at prom and discovered that Ali went rogue once again. The liars crashed senior prom, which was a bit wicked to say the least, and Aria confronted Clark about his duplicity. Ali was prompted to look for a wolf in red clothing. Not an easy task considering so many people were dressed in the same outfit.

Veronica began to spill the beans while drunk, which prompted Pam to decipher perhaps someone else buried Jessica in the backyard: Mr. DiLaurentis, and they decided to confront her neighbor. The parents are bolder than their kids, I love it! At the DiLaurentis abode, the parents discovered an envelope from the police that showcased a picture of Charles, Jason, Jessica and a baby Alison. Was it odd that the parents didn’t seem too stunned by the picture? They were a bit thrown to come face-to-face with Rhys, who came looking for Mr. D about the Carissimi Group.

The liars discover once again that Ali has gone rogue. Photo courtesy of ABC Family/Eric McCandless.
The liars discover once again that Ali has gone rogue. Photo courtesy of ABC Family/Eric McCandless.

Spencer did her best to convince her BFF not to fall into Charles trap, but the Queen Bee refused to listen. Caleb once again pulled a surprise with Hanna by showing up to the prom. Spencer, Toby, Ezra, Aria, Hanna and Caleb kept careful lookout for Ali as she did her best to nab Charles in the act. Aria decided she wanted a clean slate from Ezra for her internship, where she discovered that her beau is leaving for Thailand. Wow, awkward moment, she jumped the broom. Aww, Ezria looks kaput.

The parents heard sounds coming from the basement and decided to go investigate and found themselves trapped. Looks like ‘Red Coat’ is doing a good job of ensuring that no one interrupts Charles and his meeting with his beloved sister. Caleb spilled the beans to Hanna that he was in New York getting a job, and hoping to plan a life with his flame. Back in the basement, the parents did their best to devise a plan to escape, but the lights went out.

Ali got another text from “A” teasing her to use her eyes to find him before it was too late. Wow, Clark is an undercover cop and they may have allowed “A” to get away with his prized possession. Ali followed “A’s” trail and came face-to-face with her tormentor.

The liars and their BFs panicked when they were unable to locate Alison, which prompted Lorenzo to go into panic mode. Back in the basement, the parents beat themselves up about not being able to protect their daughters. The final moments of the episode ended with Alison seeing “A” take off his mask and losing consciousness by the revelation. I can definitely rule Caleb off the list, which means I place my money on Lucas. Seven days “PLL” fanatics, seven long days before we can finally unmask the tormentor that has kept us in the dark for years. Until finale Tuesday “PLL” fanatics, “A” will be unmasked!